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Sextile Mercury – Lilith: the magic of speech

This aspect is found in the horoscopes of saints and historical criminals, because despite the positive energy of the sextile, everyone chooses the direction in which they will apply an amazing combination of the bewitching energy of the Black Moon and the oratorical skills of Mercury . Aspect makes it possible to bewitch with a word. The native can inflame the crowd with Nazi slogans, as Hitler did, and pacify the bear with an affectionate word, following the example of Seraphim of Sarov.

It depends on the person himself how he will dispose of this gift, but one thing is certain – life becomes easier when the words on the lips come to life and reach the heart of the interlocutor. It is easy for a native to communicate with every member of society, and the information itself floats into his hands, as soon as he becomes interested in any topic. He creates a unique literary style, manner of speaking and singing, but all this requires some effort on his part.

Problems and opportunities of sextile Mercury – Lilith

If Hitler had been accepted into the Art Academy, which the young man so dreamed of, he might never have known about his gift as an orator. Enthusiastic German women fell in love with him, competitors hated him, but no one remained indifferent.

This is how often the possibilities of a sextile are revealed through pain and some kind of trauma. The Black Moon, although softened by the positive energy of the sextile, still remains a provocateur, so ignoring development in its direction is fraught with problems.

If Lilith is strong and is in the signs of Capricorn, Pisces, Scorpio, then from childhood the native understands the power of the influence of his word and is interested in various areas, from esotericism to politics and applied sciences. Public speaking is easy for such a person, I always listen to him to the end, because he knows how to present information in an interesting way, structures it and at the same time gives vivid verbal illustrations.

If Lilith is weak, in the signs of Taurus, Cancer and Virgo, then the person doubts himself and his personal attractiveness, being afraid to speak in public. He also reads a lot, his knowledge is deep, but it seems to him that no one is interested in it, he is afraid of ridicule and criticism, which is why he suppresses his innate gift.

At the same time, as the native develops his intellect, he feels a rebellious temper boil up in him. This is all the more noticeable if the Sun and the Ascendant are in fire and air signs. The stronger the gift of the Lilith-Mercury sextile, the more powerful the influence of the native on history through the ability to convince and inflame with their ideas, as can be seen from the examples of Napoleon and Columbus.

Lilith is responsible for the deep passion of the native, and in this case, his energy is turned on through written and verbal speech. It is important for him to fight for his ideals, and this is what really ignites and makes him an excellent agitator, advertiser, marketer, teacher, politician, priest, journalist, and in other areas he will always be a revolutionary in some way.

The positive influence of the sextile Mercury – Lilith

With this aspect, a person will never go unnoticed, especially if it affects personal houses and is associated with other personal planets. The native can make a promise to himself not to get involved in discussions, disputes and especially other people’s quarrels, because of which he is considered an upstart, but cannot resist.

In fairness, it must be said that in this case the victory still remains with the native, because the gift of persuasion, even in a dormant state, is actively turned on.

Of the main talents of the sextile, one can single out the ability to intuitively create a memorable manner of conversation due to a special intonation, rhythm, the use of interesting speech turns, as well as an unusual voice timbre. This helps to become famous not only in public performances, but also when practicing vocals. Singing can make a native famous.

The manner of speech will depend on the sign in which Mercury is located. Fire and air signs are the most incendiary, while representatives of terrestrial and water signs are more cautious and tactfully drawn into their speech through proven evidence and figurative examples.

The second feature is the ability to be honest, even expressing an extremely unpopular opinion. If the native believes in what he says, he will not be able to remain silent, but this also bribes his opponents, because they see that the person says what he thinks and is not cunning.

How to turn on the sextile Mercury – Lilith

If a person does not develop intellectually, does not actively participate in social life and does not share knowledge on the highest floor of Mercury, then Lilith begins her menial work on the lower one. The native is literally drawn into quarrels, conflicts, strife, he is provoked by a rude word on the street or in transport.

The best way to avoid problems and turn on the positive energy of the sextile is to engage in intellectual work, communicate with interesting knowledgeable people, such as attending forums, symposiums, meetings with experts and participating as a speaker yourself.

Since the sextile rarely turns on by itself, in order to succeed in their field of activity, a person needs to make certain efforts, that is, literally push himself onto the stage and start talking about his business and about himself as a person and specialist.

For owners of retrograde Mercury, this is all the more difficult and requires thorough preparation, but without this there will be no success. You need to get out of your comfort zone.

A favorable talisman for owners of the sextile Mercury – Lilith will be quartz, of the shade that corresponds to the element of the sign where Mercury stands.

Vasilisa Vishneva

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