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Mercury Sextile – Pluto

The harmonious aspects of Mercury are of great value, since they open up to the native a zone of rich life opportunities, which becomes available to him thanks to his good intellectual inclinations.

PlutoMercury in the birth chart describes the mind of a person, the features of his thinking and speech. Pluto is a planet that generates energy and symbolizes the inner potential of the individual. The kind aspect between the luminaries endows a person with a lively, tenacious and discerning mind, excellent communication skills and the ability to control the audience. The native's speech is bright, energetic, imaginative and convincing.

Aspect and its impact on humans

MercuryA person whose birth chart contains a sextile of Mercury and Pluto easily makes contact, is open in communication and knows how to achieve a constructive dialogue with an opponent. This astrological configuration imparts excellent business and organizational skills. The native knows how to clearly set goals, denotes the essence of the problem and actively acts until the situation is resolved in his favor.

A huge advantage of a subject with this aspect is his ability to influence the masses with the help of words. This can be a verbal emotional appeal to the public or a letter with clearly stated arguments. The native urges people to take active action, effective solutions, exposes lies and inspires, talking about how to achieve good results. The use of emotion words, slogans, apt expressions and catchy phrases makes the speech effective. Thanks to his gift of persuasion and eloquence, the owner of the aspect often becomes famous and popular.

A native can achieve great success in journalism, literary activity, commerce and finance. Often he is also attracted to psychology. The inner world, fears, latent motives and desires of others – this is what interests the native. Thanks to his natural insight, it is not difficult for him to understand the depths of someone else's soul, to find the right approach to a person and to exert the necessary influence on him.

The native can also be successful in any research activity (for example, in the field of chemistry, physics and biology), as well as in linguistics, the field of new technologies and politics.

Sextile of Mercury and Pluto in the child's horoscope

A baby, in whose birth chart there is the mentioned aspect, as a rule, starts talking early (if there are no opposite indications in the horoscope). He surprises adults with his energy, initiative and good reaction. Communication with peers accelerates the intellectual development of such a child. Next to them, he feels the spirit of competition and tries to do everything better and faster than others.

A child with this aspect is sociable, inquisitive and curious. Adults should not force him to study any subjects. The main thing is to give him complete freedom of action and the right to choose.

Such children learn only what they are really interested in. So that the child does not get bored at school, he can be offered high-quality interactive courses and well-proven encyclopedias in chemistry, physics and biology, where educational material is presented in an engaging and accessible way.

Interaction of planets in some zodiac signs

This kind aspect brings the native many happy opportunities in the field of education and training, but it is especially valuable in the case when Mercury in the horoscope is essentially strong.

An example would be the sextile between Mercury in Virgo and Pluto in Scorpio. The owner of the aspect is distinguished by brilliant analytical and organizational skills. At the same time, insight and strong intuition help the native to understand the hidden causes of problems, and courage, will, practicality and realism – to achieve amazing results in entrepreneurship and finance.

Lilia Garipova

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