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Sextile Neptune – Lilith: on the crest of a wave

Neptune’s talents here are supported by the courage and rejection of any boundaries Lilith . The native sees no obstacles to creative self-expression, but the main condition for the inclusion of the aspect is love for what you do. If a person likes his occupation, be it a hobby or work, he plunges into it headlong, and the Universe gives him beyond measure: opportunities, money, success.

However, it cannot be assumed that the sextile as a magic button of luck will work at the right moment. The native must find his own trigger for inspiration and work. The problem is that Neptune fogs consciousness, and Lilith reminds of generic problems, and a person, out of fear, can simply bury talents in the ground.

Opportunities and problems of sextile Neptune – Lilith

This aspect can take a person to the peak of fame, like a surfer’s ocean wave, but it depends only on his inner mood – whether he controls it or it carries him and then throws him to a depth from which it is difficult to swim to the surface. Neptune, like Lilith, is associated with the subconscious, but unlike it, a fictitious point, which includes secret sinful fantasies and destructive generic programs, it is a portal to the subtle worlds, rich in images and information of the future.

That is why the owners of the sextile Neptune – Lilith become innovators in music, dance and art, medicine, chemistry, but at the same time they confuse or excite the minds of contemporaries. It is not enough for them to make a discovery, they still need to expand the boundaries of the audience’s perception, break stereotypes, confuse, allowing the possibility of the existence of something forbidden.

Due to the positive influence of the sextile, the native still does not overstep the limits of what is permitted too much, and he does not cause sharp rejection and irritation, as the owners of a similar aspect with Uranus. He is forgiven for any deviations from the rules, and his research is considered experiments necessary for the development of science.

The wards of the sextile Neptune – Lilith do not get along well with traditions and prohibitions in romantic matters. They can violate them in the name of love and be known as adherents of freedom, for example, having connected their lives with representatives of a different faith, race and culture, or they can go downstairs: debauchery, being in a totalitarian sect or anarchist youth groups, going into the unconscious with with the help of alcohol and drugs, and the luck of the sextile will help here too. The right people and ways to relax will always be at hand. That is why the manifestation of the sextile Lilith – Neptune completely depends on the desires of the native.

In any case, most often, he denies those traditions and conventions, which, from his point of view, are too dogmatic, directed against love, freedom and human rights. The problem is that only he can feel that way.

The positive influence of sextile Lilith – Neptune

The main advantage of the native is artistic talent, a delicate ear for music and an innate ability to dance and play different roles. This does not mean that it is realized on stage, but the ability to mimic the surrounding people helps to quickly move to the top of society.

Excellent intuition allows a person to assume what is expected of him: to be a leader or a quiet performer, and then brilliantly transform into the desired image, even if he is modest in life, or vice versa, noisy and loud.

The owners of the sextile Neptune – Lilith are very charming. They attract with their softness, pliability, peacefulness. They have a rare gift, which can hardly be called talent, but nevertheless, they know how to elude conditions, obligations, rules non-violently and unobtrusively. Others receive a fine for being late or forgetful, but the owner of the sextile is bewitched. He is not held accountable.

The main bonus of the aspect is the quick fulfillment of desires in the theme of the house where Neptune stands. It is worth a person to really want and dream, visualizing the end result, as the circumstances begin to take shape in his favor simply magically. If Neptune is in the 2nd house, then money comes in the most unexpected way, if in the 5th or 7th, then dreams of love attract the desired partner.

How to turn on the sextile Neptune – Lilith

If the aspect does not work according to the principles indicated above, then either its participants are weak and affected by negative connections, or the problem is in Lilith. Reflecting the fears and problems of past lives, connecting the native with the sins of the family, she can simply block the Neptunian magic.

For example, if women in the family suffered from love, then Neptune in the 7th house will not attract worthy life partners until the owner of the horoscope works through these injuries with a psychologist, or at least independently separates herself from the women of the family, consciously choosing a different type of men and her new destiny. If someone in the family suffered for their creativity, was repressed and dispossessed, then Neptune in the 2nd, 5th or 8th house will also not bring profit until the subconscious is cleared of the corresponding blockages.

However, prayers, meditations, visualizations, along with concrete steps to achieve the goal, unwind the energy of the Lilith-Neptune sextile and help the native move towards the dream.

A good talisman and stabilizer of the internal state for him will be a serpentine .

Vasilisa Vishneva

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