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Sextile Sun – Moon

Sextile between the two luminaries, the Sun and the Moon, means the harmony of soul and body, consciousness and subconsciousness. This wonderful astrological interaction keeps aspect holders healthy both physically and spiritually.

Since the Sun and Moon represent the personal and social life, the successful interaction of these principles makes such individuals successful in the field of relationships and any activity they choose. They perfectly understand what is needed to achieve mutual understanding between people, and quickly create around them a comfortable and convenient atmosphere in which it is easy to cooperate and work effectively.

Sextile Sun - Moon

Influence of the aspect on personal qualities and attitudes of a person

The Sextile of the Sun and the Moon makes people with this aspect benevolent, kind, caring and cordial. They understand which way of life they should go, while at the same time they manage to take care of both personal benefit and the welfare of others.

Such people are lucky in property matters, they are exemplary family men and ideal partners. The owners of the aspect, even if they do not receive pedagogical education, still bring up their children perfectly and create favorable conditions for their development.

Sextile of the Sun and Moon in the female horoscope

Since the Sun is the significator of marriage in women, aspect interaction with the Moon will characterize her potential partner as kind, caring, understanding and merciful.

Women with this aspect are popular with the stronger sex. They attract fans due to their gentleness, feminine wisdom, poise, the ability to listen, understand and calm. The marriage of such women, as a rule, is successful because it is based on mutual sympathy, sincerity, constancy of feelings, loyalty and harmony.

Sextile of the Sun and Moon in the male horoscope

If the sextile of the Sun and the Moon is present in the male natal chart, then the native is very domestic, practical, economic and appreciates the bonds of marriage. Family values ​​are always a priority for such a person, therefore, he approaches the choice of a future spouse with all responsibility.

The moon, which characterizes a woman in a man’s horoscope, thanks to its harmonious aspect with the Sun, creates all the prerequisites for a successful partnership. A man chooses a woman as his wife, faithful, sincere, generous, striving for well-being and social success. It is easy to negotiate with her, make plans for the future and move together towards the set goals.

Sextile of the Sun and Moon in the children’s horoscope    

Children, in whose horoscopes there is a sextile of the Sun and Moon, feel confident and secure. Since childhood, they see good relations between parents, their ability to work together and act in concert, therefore, an almost ideal model of a family in which husband and wife live in perfect harmony is rooted in their minds. Subsequently, such children themselves will seek for such a partnership; they will easily establish relationships, respect both their own interests and those of others, find compromises, which will ensure their early success in life.

The interaction of the Sun and the Moon in various elements

The harmony that sextile carries in itself unites the Sun and the Moon and gives full manifestation of the power of the elements of Air and Fire, Earth and Water.

The friendly interaction of the Sun and the Moon in the elements of Air and Fire suggests that the owners of aspect easily establish contacts and make agreements. In order to achieve what they want, they have enough energy and strength. Such people love change and easily initiate it. They are confident that each new turn of fate leads them to a happier life.

The Sextile of the Sun and Moon, combining the elements of Earth and Water, makes such  owners successful in the real estate industry. The harmony of the Sun and the Moon, moreover, is embodied in their family and home life. They are able to forge fruitful partnerships, create a strong alliance and achieve material well-being.

Lilia Garipova


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