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Sextile Venus – Lilith: everyone’s favorites

Love and passion permeate the whole being of the native, and if these two feelings are present in life, then the luck of the sextile will never leave him. Venus is the planet of happiness associated with satisfying the need to love and receive mutual feelings, as well as being financially prosperous.

Lilith adds a note of bitchiness and an emphasis on the material, but thanks to the harmonious energy of the aspect, a cocktail of creative fire and confidence that any activity should be well paid is obtained. In the male chart, the sextile of Lilith and Venus is almost always the guarantor of an early marriage for passionate love, but women with this aspect go over their fans and flirt so much that they may not get married at all, especially if Saturn is in the 7th house.

Opportunities and problems of sextile Lilith – Venus

No matter how hard the positive aspect tries to include the positive energy of Lilith, it does not cease to reflect the dark depths of the subconscious, and in this case, repressed sexuality comes to the fore. At a low level of development, the animal magnetism of the native attracts bad company to him. He has an early interest in the physical side of relationships, but at the same time, emotional intelligence is practically not developed. These are consumers to whom everything floats into their own hands, but they do not know how to love, they only accept and demand more and more pleasures. Such an attitude to life creates a lot of problems, although, of course, it seems that the native lives for himself and does not know grief.

However, Lilith requires the higher energy of Venus, which is born through creativity, and if this is not the case, a person becomes depressed: everything seems to be there, but there is no feeling of happiness.

It is a completely different matter when the owner of the sextile Venus – Lilith develops in creativity, sets goals, falls in love, and in the flame of this inspiration creates something beautiful. The energy here goes up in a spiral, and Lilith no longer pumps it out, demanding more and more pleasures, but works as a perpetual motion machine of desires that the native fulfills, receiving joy from the result of labor.

It is interesting that the owners of the Venus-Lilith sextile create their own style from forbidden topics on the verge of what is acceptable, but it suits them. What looks vulgar to others looks bold and interesting to them. Such people do not worry about someone else’s opinion, and if it happens to be disgraced, they simply wait until it is forgotten or make a PR campaign out of failure. In this regard, they are simply unsinkable.

Their value is always freedom: sexual, financial, personal, but this is how they attract the opposite sex. Any qualities of a native, physical or moral, that deviate from the norm, become his calling card and the subject of admiration of others.

The positive influence of the sextile Lilith – Venus

The owners of the aspect are able to create something new, interesting and bright, which was not there before, and at the same time earn forbidden topics by helping other people. They may raise taboo issues in society, drawing attention to these issues. True, they will leave specific decisions to other, more mundane natures, while they themselves flutter like bright butterflies, put emphasis on pain points and start a storm.

In creativity for them, too, there are no boundaries and prohibitions. These are excellent artists, and even if the main work is not related to theater and entertainment, they still show themselves as creatively as possible, not to mention the aura of attractiveness that is felt literally on the physical plane.

Nevertheless, the sextile of Venus with Lilith makes the native the object of precisely the carnal passions of the opposite sex. Platonic love for him may arise later, but in the beginning it is always a reaction to magnetic sex appeal. Men are quickly married to classmates, but women with this aspect may not get married for a long time enjoying the company of different fans, or devote themselves to creativity.

Such people have a subtle artistic taste, but understanding the classical approach to art, they still try to look at things from a different angle, creating something strange, but fascinating, even if it concerns the design of their own apartment or the manner of dressing.

How to turn on Venus sextile – Lilith

The main problem of the native, especially if there are a lot of trines and sextiles in the chart, is laziness. However, luck and happy occasions will be present in his life if he is engaged in Venusian creativity. This is not only dancing, design, acting on stage, creating jewelry, spas, tailoring beautiful clothes, because you can engage in a hobby that inspires and gives joy, thereby turning on the energy of sextile.

The main condition is to get a beautiful result that gives happiness, whether it’s a picture, a dress, a consultation on relationship issues. Even in trading, you need to be creative and create maximum beauty around you.

An important condition for success will be the development of a sense of proportion so as not to fall into artistic extremism and not get into a stupid position with too much jewelry or in an overly sexual way.

Many owners of the Venus-Lilith sextile believe that they are perfection, and everyone should prostrate before their attractiveness, but when faced with rejection, they can become depressed, because they are used to getting everything at the snap of their fingers, or even begin to take revenge. This is a road to nowhere, as the example of Princess Diana proves. It is much better to focus on your strengths and move on to new relationships. To do this, you need to work out the tendency to codependency, the victim syndrome and selfishness that lurk in the shadow of Lilith, and give pure love to the world.

Vasilisa Vishneva

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