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Selena (White Moon) in the 5th house

The White Moon Selena cannot be seen through a telescope, and the more mystical is the influence of the guardian planet of the natal chart on the sphere of life predicted by the position in the zodiac sign and the house of the horoscope . It demonstrates the largest number of good deeds committed in the family, united by a certain theme.

The White Moon in the 5th house speaks of the ability to love sincerely, passionately and faithfully, marriage partners and children, to create beauty for the sake of art and the improvement of the world, and not for the sake of self-interest. In this incarnation, the soul will reap the fruits of light karma – mutual love, wonderful, naturally gifted children, spiritual and financial growth will become real through the demand for creative ideas, while observing the moral rules imposed by Selena on the wards by the native.

Influence of the White Moon in the 5th house on fate

Bright appearance, the radiant glow of the aura almost visible to the naked eye, optimism and charm distinguish the carrier of the guardian planet in the 5th sector of the map . The owners of such Selena radiate love, and those around them unconsciously imbued them with sympathy, a priori supporting creative ideas and helping to realize themselves in education and career. Each seven-year rotation cycle of the White Moon will be tested by a test of loyalty to selflessness and honesty on the themes of the 5th house, so such individuals need to clearly know what gifts and features it gives to them:

  • light in the soul, nobility and courage, high energy potential, strong immunity;
  • the ability to attract kind, highly spiritual and cultural, easy-going, travel and adventure friends, lovers, business partners;
  • interesting meetings and bright events during travel, study, creative pursuits: creativity launches a mechanism for enabling interesting changes for the better in life;
  • abilities in the field of astrology, occultism, white magic – the talent of a good wizard who has the skills to translate desires for good;
  • all-round talent in a variety of creative directions: if the signs of fire are acting, vocals, air – literature and rhetoric, water – painting, photography, earth – applied art;
  • love marriage with a beautiful romantic history and coexistence in perfect harmony until ripe old age;
  • the birth of brilliant, light-hearted children who bring happiness to the family or save it by their appearance.

For these owners of the White Moon in the 5th house, it is very important to reflect the principles of divine love and justice in the fruits of creativity, to awaken light in the souls of people through art, which is also their own source of energy and inspiration. Children with this position of an angel in the horoscope are favorites of classmates and teachers, not always excellent students, but successful due to their creative and sporting achievements.

Selena’s three karmic levels in the 5th house

The support of the White Moon is not always unconditional and obvious. If such individuals do not pass the test of fidelity to the ideals of light and good, Selena’s protection weakens, or it was not initially fully manifested due to the small number of good deeds in the family. In this case, the natives bear the responsibility to save future generations through the embodiment of Selena’s 5th house principles. There are three degrees of manifestation of the guardian angel, depending on the karmic developments:

1. Lower – an urgent need for something unusual and fabulous and as yet unconscious adherence to vague ideas about happiness. Diffusion of talents: natives do not know which direction of creativity to choose or do not know how to develop talent in the right way. It attracts loving and noble partners, but often cannot keep it due to egocentrism and love for sensual pleasures: it follows the intensity of passion, breaking faithful hearts. Selena does not allow to do dark deeds, protects from betrayal.

2. Average – the presence of such qualities as generosity and justice among natives – a source of happiness and inspiration for loved ones, associates and their own children. Such people know how to love and appreciate sincere feelings, take care of other people’s creativity and create unique works of art, often in different areas at the same time. Selena protects against gossip, unfair criticism, betrayal and routine existence, attracting bright events and happy occasions.

3. The highest – spiritual creativity: icon painting, religious chants, building temples, enlightened poetry. Demiurges of the sublime plane, creating new trends in art.

With an amazed Selena and a difficult creative path, the fruits of the work of the natives will bring benefits and prosperity to their children and grandchildren, especially if there are references to the 8th house.

Important aspects of the White Moon in the 5th house

Aspects of Selena in the 5th house with other planets show the most manifested talents and resources of the natives. Configuration with the Sun is a gift of an artist with a capital letter, a teacher who knows how to ignite interest in learning and creativity in children, a politician who changes the fate of the country.

Harmonious connection with the Moon is also favorable for the educational development of toddlers and preschoolers, medical and healing directions, with Neptune – talent in the field of cinema, television, religious studies and painting, with Mercury – success in literature, commerce, with Uranus – the gift of an innovator, with Pluto – magical abilities. Negative aspects from each of the planets give obstacles and difficulties in the corresponding areas of activity, which can be overcome by manifesting the spiritual qualities of the White Moon.

Vasilisa Vishneva

Celebrities with the Selena in 5th House:


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