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Selena (White Moon) in the 10th house

The symbol of the light karma accumulated in the family of natives in a specific direction, the White Moon appears in the house of the horoscope, which coincides as much as possible with the theme of good deeds. Astrologers call the invisible fictitious point Selena, noting its special mystical ability to ennoble the properties of planets that are nearby or in aspects, and to protect people from adversity and dangers.

The White Moon in the 10th house says that the owners of the horoscope came with a great mission, which will help the zodiac sign of the tenth sector and aspects to be realized, but most importantly – the Higher powers gave a huge amount of energy, leadership qualities and charisma to become, if desired, the leader of the generation, consolidating people on moving towards a bright goal. Huge responsibility with such opportunities presupposes the path of truth and justice, and any deviation to the side of self-interest is punished by weakening protection.

Influence of Selena in the 10th house on fate

Verification of loyalty to the past merits of the clan is carried out in accordance with the rotation cycle of the guardian planet: every seven years. If these natives did good, helped others find a purpose, directed with advice and inspired, improving and developing, then they are given even more practical opportunities to fulfill their dreams and lead educational, social and political movements, to contribute to art and literature. The bearer of harmonious Selena in the 10th house is able to be realized in any sphere of their choice, since the Higher powers bestow on them:

  • beautiful appearance, charm, oratorical and artistic talents with an analytical mind;
  • confidence in the value of their personality for the world, the feeling that they were born for a reason, but in order to change the life of the Universe for the better;
  • the ability to quickly find practical tools for materializing desires and aspirations: this is not a fruitless dreamer, but an active figure;
  • the sympathy of higher officials, university and school teachers (if there are aspects with the 3rd house);
  • loyal friends and admirers at the university: the case when unhappy school years are suddenly replaced by popularity and success at the institute;
  • bright and wise mentors who help to grow the shoots of talent and correctly apply the power given from above;
  • the innate behavior of leaders, gathering like-minded people around them, protecting the weak and able to repulse enemies;
  • parents acting as guardian angels and supportive leaders.

Children with Selena in the 10th house surprise with creative inspiration and a serious disciplined approach to learning and hobbies, especially when located in earth signs: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn. Location in the elements of Water, Fire and Air attracts creativity and politics. They are engaged in the fact that later will help to achieve the great goals that excite their mind and soul. The father is the main ideological inspirer and friend who contributes to the realization of the destiny.

Three karmic steps of the White Moon in the 10th house

Filling with enchanting divine light and awareness of a great mission directly depend on the number of good deeds performed in past lives and in this incarnation. Vindictiveness, laziness, waste of time and money alienate these natives from the source of transforming energy and devastate the soul. Even at a low level of development, it is possible to enhance the light karma of the clan through hard work and striving for a goal. To begin with, the carrier of Selena in the 10th house needs to understand at what stage they are:

1. Inferior – a misunderstanding of its uniqueness leads to inflated conceit. These natives feel that they are born for great deeds, but consider this to be the only basis for universal worship and recognition, most often without making efforts for self-development. Over time, this leads to degradation, boasting in an empty life, intoxication with even a small degree of power and abuse of authority. With a good character, they can easily get an education and a good job, thanks to the sympathy of others and parental protection. Under difficult circumstances – disappointment in themselves and life.

2. Average – tireless self-development, greed for knowledge corresponding to the chosen path, constant achievements. Light forces remove obstacles and neutralize enemies. People will see the fruits of labor during their lifetime, embody a vocation and enjoy the laurels of glory. Influential intellectual parents will help them build their best career. A love marriage with an erudite, promising partner with similar global goals and aspirations. Excellent reputation in society, which will not be spoiled by gossip and envy.

3. Highest – protection and invulnerability on the way to the embodiment of the great mission to be the political leader of the country, a reformer of social systems, in teaching and research. As long as the fair laws of the Universe are observed, these natives are not in danger, and their names remain in history as examples for many generations.

At any level of karma, obstacles to the goal will be removed mystically, but if it is far from piety, then the collapse of hopes will be rapid.

Important aspects with other planets

If the White Moon in the 10th house has harmonious aspects with Jupiter, Venus, Mercury, then those around them themselves offer support and help in fulfilling desires. The right people appear at the right moment in time, and the natives easily find a common language with patrons and know how to present themselves in a brilliant way, especially if Selena has positive connections with Neptune and Chiron.

A strong configuration with the Moon means that the mother plays a more important role in fate than the father. Confirmation of the great mission of man is the location of the North Node and the Sun in the 10th house next to Selene. Squares with planets foreshadow difficulties and obstacles on the way, which people can cope with, showing kindness, hard work and piety.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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