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Selena (White Moon) in the 8th house

The planet Selena White Moon, invisible to the eye, is the sign of the guardian angel, marking the signs and houses of the horoscope , the symbolism of which is comparable to the nature of good deeds performed in the native’s clan. Perhaps, in the past incarnation, such individuals did good deeds that save people’s lives, they refused temptations in favor of spiritual growth.

Now the White Moon in the 8th house shows that the angelic protection will be with them in the most difficult and dangerous situations, allowing them to get out dry and unharmed from the murky waters of other people’s machinations and even from under the ruins after earthquakes. Bad aspects say that karma has not been fully worked out: the thirst for achievement leads these natives to danger, but whether they will be able to hear prompts from above, open the soul and mind of the wisdom of the Higher Powers, depends on understanding the essence of Selena.

Impact of the White Moon in the 8th house on fate

Astrologers believe that in previous incarnations, the owners of Selena in the 8th house heroically saved people during war and natural disasters, risking their own lives, so now in the first half of their lives they are not in danger.

Since the White Moon, through every seventh rotation cycle, checks the ward for loyalty to the ideals of the house, deviating from the path of selflessness and helping others, they may become more vulnerable in extreme situations.

Nativa magnetically attracts the other world, questions of death and the existence of the soul in a parallel Universe, so they often take risks, feeling themselves an immortal researcher of the strength of matter. It is necessary to competently use the gifts of Selena in the 8th house, so as not to exhaust the protective resources of the guardian angel:

  • a strong connection with deceased ancestors, especially with women of the clan, who often appear in dreams and suggest solutions to pressing problems;
  • inherited creativity and intellectual abilities bring success and financial prosperity: it will be necessary to analyze the recurring talents and professions of the genus;
  • the ability to read information from subtle planes, anticipate danger intuitively or through occultism, white magic, astrology and help others to be saved;
  • incredible endurance, stamina, immunity against formidable diseases: such a person will survive even when faced with the bubonic plague;
  • the talent of a magician-arbiter, a hypnologist, controlling the minds of the crowd, which often tempts to use force for personal enrichment and glory, especially when Lilith is in the same 8th house;
  • inherited wealth often allows them to save the world without being distracted by everyday trifles.

Children with Selena in the 8th house are interested early in whether there is life after death, they strive to learn the structure of the Universe and often see with their own eyes the guardian angel or have conversations with angel. They can relieve headaches with their hands, give themselves a mindset for recovery or illness, love to save peers and animals from danger.

Three karmic steps of the White Moon in the 8th house

Realizing their physical invulnerability and mental resistance to hypnotic influences, it is important for such natives not to fall into permissiveness. A karmic task is the accumulation of spiritual knowledge and wisdom for transmission to subsequent generations. However, the degree of protection and the power of the channel of communication with the Higher mind directly depend on the level of human development:

1. Lower – a huge interest in conspiracies, fortune-telling, the desire to gain glory and look like a hero in the eyes of others at any cost, a thirst for thrills. Deceitful methods and magical rituals are used to become popular and powerful, to attract the attention of people they like, since there is no trust and strong connection with the Divine. The attraction to danger often ends in premature death.

2. Medium – the natives are in harmonious contact with the wisdom of the Heavenly mind, control intuition for the benefit of themselves and others. Higher powers warn of a threat to life by sending signs or using close relatives as messengers. A marriage of great love with an enlightened partner who understands the subtleties of esotericism and helps the native to grow spiritually.

3. The Highest – conductors of knowledge between the other world and the material world. Hero rescuers or explorers of the unknown. Sometimes they distribute property to the poor and go to monasteries and ashrams, but they can realize themselves as doctors, writers, psychologists, investigators.

Selena in the 8th house protects these individuals from violence and attacks of enemies, as long as they observe the rules of justice and keep animal instincts under control.

Important aspects with planets

Especially acutely the mystical abilities of a native are manifested with the prosperous aspects of the White Moon with Pluto, Moon and Neptune. This is clairvoyance, direct contact with Divine power, when it is worth praying and the answer comes instantly, as well as the physically tangible support of the ancestors.

The planets in conjunction with Selena in the 8th house show qualities that include the energy: Venus – love, passion, Jupiter – the presence of power, Mars – determination and courage, Neptune – religion, Mercury – intellectual development. Unfavorable aspects with the White Moon in the 8th house indicate that it is necessary to endure suffering for enlightenment and gaining wisdom. Any connection with Lilith shows a karmic requirement for the victory of the villains within themselves and the processing of negativity into light and love.

Vasilisa Vishneva

Celebrities with the Selena in 8th House:


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