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Chiron conjunct Sun. The Actor’s Way

The influence of Chiron varies depending on the aspect with a particular planet. Scientists have not yet decided whether it is an asteroid or a planetoid. Astrologers also do not always catch the multifaceted duality of this teacher of heroes, leading the ward through symbols and play to the higher floors of life. Aspects suggest through what the native needs to gain originality of self-expression and how to reveal the uniqueness of his personality.

The conjunction of Chiron with the Sun gives the world an excellent teacher, completely far from didactics and moralizing. It was about him that Shakespeare said: the whole world is a theater. It is impossible to understand whether he is playing or sincere, but one thing is certain: his life path will inspire and teach the beautiful to many, even if the person himself is far from ideal.

The positive meaning of the conjunction of Chiron with the Sun

At a high level of development, the native understands how to express his leadership qualities in an original and vivid way, what he is strong in, and how this can contribute to personal gain.

The meaning of the conjunction of the Sun with Chiron is in the search for new ways of working out the main star of the horoscope:

  • be a leader and an especially important person, but without a rigid dominant;
  • to influence the world through dissimilarity to others;
  • change the surrounding reality through creativity;
  • make money on what you like, and not on what is profitable from an obvious point of view;
  • become a star, but close and understandable to people.

Chiron softens the selfishness of the Sun, making it not so obvious. The native understands that in order to achieve goals, one must act not directly, but in detours.

Men and women with the connection of Chiron and the Sun know how to please and make others laugh with subtle, slightly sarcastic humor, endearing them to themselves. However, if someone is unpleasant to them, with the help of jokes they will easily devalue and destroy the unlucky enemy.

Humor is their shield and weapon. Being born actors, it is in the comedy genre that they will get the most applause.

However, the connection with the Sun gives a rare gift of reincarnation in social roles, when in public and in the theater a person is not at all the same as at home. He knows how to adapt to any environment like a chameleon and will survive in the harshest conditions. This helps the ability to see at the root and see the essence of things. It is impossible to command them – it will slip out of any obligations, unless he himself wants them.

The negative impact of the conjunction of the Sun and Chiron

At a low level of development, the native does not understand what his strength is and tries to impose himself on society in various cunning ways, agreeing on the presence of his person at social events and friendly gatherings through intrigues, bribery, and slander of rivals.

He has no confidence in his own worth, and in order to find at least some balance, he subjected to ridicule and depreciation of generally recognized ideals and authorities, wanting to stand out at least in this.

This is certainly Herostratus, seeking glory through the destruction of a masterpiece created by someone, and no one bothers him to create and receive enthusiastic compliments, but he himself comes up with obstacles and is afraid of non-existent barriers. The distorted vision of reality and its role in society is enhanced by the Black Moon if it stands nearby or in the 1st house.

Even intellectually developed people periodically show uncertainty about the right choice, when they don’t know how to present themselves in society and profession, as well as the habit of dividing people into useful and worthless, ignoring their real talents and abilities.

The conjunction of the Sun and Chiron in the synastry 

Synastry is a card of compatibility of two people in terms of personal relationships: love, friendship, cooperation. Considering that the owner of Chiron will always be not completely frank with the owner of the Sun in the synastric horoscope, it is important to understand how this symbiosis will affect the partnership.

In the worst case, Chiron will induce him to manipulate the consciousness of the man of the Sun, who is needed for something, and it seems that he is being pleased, entertained, amused, but this is nothing more than Chironian hypocrisy. Even with quite sincere sympathy, on the internal scales they will constantly weigh solar talents and shortcomings and constantly doubt whether they have chosen the right partner. Moreover, the owners of Chiron are difficult to convict of deliberate deceit. Next to the partner’s Sun, they feel good and pleasant, but at a distance they begin to remember shortcomings and think about a break.

A warning factor for the Sun will be the Chironian’s attitude towards other people, when behind his back he says nasty things about those with whom he recently hugged and assured of friendship.

Working out the conjunction Sun – Chiron

The general picture of the influence of the aspect can be seen in the fate of celebrities: S. Yesenin, Audrey Hepburn, Elizabeth II, S. Rachmaninov, Juliette Binoche. Thanks to the aspect, their success and fame largely happened not without a happy accident and the intervention of strong patrons, at the same time teachers and guides to the world of power and popularity. The sun here symbolizes a strong and caring philanthropist, and at the same time, one’s own leadership qualities, which must be revealed through an emphasis on personal uniqueness and originality.

The principle of the Sun must be developed through non-standard behavior, but together with the gift of feeling the tendencies of society. The native perfectly reads what the world needs and gives him what he wants, even if you need to pretend to be a bully and a rule-breaker or advance yourself on a wave of light humor and buffoonery.

It is important to observe the duality of worldview, remaining on the border between light and shadow, without judging each side, and enlist the support of influential people in advance.

Vasilisa Vishneva

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