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Chiron-Jupiter conjunction. Cunning Odysseus

The planet of wealth and great happiness, connecting with the mysterious guide to the world of higher energies, creates a special destiny for the native. The key to prosperity and a prestigious place in society is to be a spiritual teacher, but not in the conventional sense. Chiron requires an individual and non-traditional disclosure of the principles of the planet with which it is in close connection.

The owner of the horoscope needs to teach people to be happy, successful and rich, even from the university department or by example of their lives, even through books and webinars on a personal blog. Jupiter in conjunction with Chiron generously bestows talents, charisma, intelligence, but if you sit back, luck will pass by.

Positive influence of Chiron-Jupiter conjunction

Such a person easily enters into any society. This is a real cunning Odysseus, who knows how to win over the powers that be with his wit and resourcefulness. Even if he has nothing, everything will be offered to him, they will give him, and they will also say thank you that he met on the way.

In the first half of life, men and women with this aspect are very ambitious and strive to achieve fame and universal recognition, but it is important to understand that Chiron always confuses the path to success, turning it into a quest. The main clue of the Jupiter-Chiron conjunction is to study according to your own system, and if school standards and restrictions do not allow you to fully reveal your potential, you need to look for experimental gymnasiums or go home-schooled. The main talents of the native:

  • an inquisitive mind, the ability to solve complex intellectual riddles and puzzles, unravel the tangles of intrigue and crime;
  • the ability to make good money by coming up with a non-standard business idea from scratch and attract rich sponsors;
  • find the key to the most difficult and negligent student as a teacher and to any tyrant boss;
  • the ability to learn complex things on their own, one of the few people who can study in absentia at the university, especially if the faculty is chosen along the line of Jupiter – jurisprudence, finance, pedagogy.

Wealth and fame are easier to achieve in the affairs of the house and the sign where the aspect stands.

Negative influence of Jupiter-Chiron conjunction

There are gifts that do not always benefit the owner. The native has a rare ability to see deep meanings where others pass by, but sometimes the truth is revealed only for him alone, and those around him twist their fingers at the temple. At the same time, men and women with Jupiter-Chiron conjunction are extremely stubborn, and if they believe in something, they will stubbornly prove their case, even if it offends the beliefs and interests of other people, which encourages many to break off relations with them.

At a high level of intellectual development, they will refrain from harsh statements, but without such, they will make diatribes, especially if they see a manifestation of hypocrisy or unfair behavior. The cunning of the native can serve not only for the benefit of society, but also for personal selfish purposes, but in this case the principle of justice of both planets is violated, therefore, sooner or later it will become obvious.

Jupiter conjunct Chiron in synastry

The astrological compatibility chart will show how the aspect will manifest itself in the life of both partners. It can be said unequivocally that such a connection will serve to expand the boundaries of consciousness and worldview of everyone, but in what ways, it already depends on the level of intellectual and spiritual development of partners. The following will happen:

  • a change in the social and financial situation for the better, if you follow the ideas that arise in discussions and joint searches;
  • obtaining additional education, the desire to study, travel, invest, acquire real estate will remain at the dream level of lazy and notorious people, but when worked out, it will give incredible luck in these matters;
  • increase in personal status in the eyes of society.

Interestingly, this can be a marriage of convenience, but for the benefit of both, or vice versa, one of the partners brings wealth and prestige to the marriage, and the second brings intelligence and business acumen.

Working out the Jupiter-Chiron conjunction

Even if the native has not received a higher education, which is extremely rare, he does not occupy his mind. However, intelligence is not everything. If men and women with Jupiter-Chiron conjunction take everything that happens too seriously and rationally, problems cannot be avoided. They clearly see the shortcomings and secret shadow secrets of their spouses, business partners, bosses, students and denounce them with the good intention of improving the world, but instead of gratitude, they make enemies. Humor and a philosophical attitude to someone else’s imperfection will relieve the excessive tension of the aspect and help save the marriage.

Despite the fact that usually when Jupiter-Chiron is connected, you are lucky in gambling, you need to consider that if the planet of big money is retrograde, it is better not to risk it, but the owners of direct Jupiter can easily go to the casino and win start-up capital for business.

But the support of influential people is provided to the native in any case, he will always receive a grant or a loan to start his own business. If the Sun is in the 9th house, the person himself should be the patron of scientists and beginning businessmen.

Vasilisa Vishneva

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