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Moon – Uranus conjunction

The moon describes the well-being and psychological state of the native, his ability to adapt to the environment and interact with it. The conjunction of the Moon with Uranus makes the subject socially active, democratic and inclined to communicate with people.

And yet Uranus, through the aspect of conjunction, has an adverse effect on the Moon, since it is an evil luminary. Uranic influence makes a person nervous, irritable and restless. It gives a periodic feeling of loss of soil underfoot, imparts a feeling of inner discomfort and instability.

Moon and Uranus conjunction

The influence of the aspect on personality traits and human behavior

People with this aspect act under the influence of intuition. They have a heightened instinct and foresight, although they are not always aware of this peculiarity. Their actions and deeds seem incomprehensible to others, and only after a certain period of time the meaning of what happened and the reasons for the native's behavior become clear.

It is not easy for such a person to maintain order in everyday life. He either gets used to living in an atmosphere of creative disorder, or tries to improve his life, acquiring the most modern means for cleaning the apartment and household needs.

A native with the aspect of the Moon-Uranus conjunction in the natal chart, feels great with friends. Here he is considered a talented, erudite, inventive and responsive person. However, in an environment of coercion and dictatorship, the subject shows impulsiveness, irritability and self-will. He loathes any violence and violation of rights.

In a team in which he is usually regarded as an informal leader, the native supports the ideas of freedom, equality and brotherhood. He defends the interests of others more actively than his own. But despite the friendliness and open nature, the owner of the aspect never mixes with the crowd and does not allow attacks on personal opinion.

The Moon – Uranus conjunction in the male horoscope    

Since the Moon symbolizes the feminine principle, and Uranus – love of freedom and impermanence, the presence of the aspect of connection between the luminaries in a man's natal will indicate the inconstancy of his affections and a tendency to break off relations.

The native is charming, original, sociable and therefore not deprived of female attention. He has many girlfriends, but it is difficult for him to maintain a stable relationship with one woman. It will be good if the chosen one does not encroach on his personal space, gives the man the necessary freedom of action, becomes his like-minded person and faithful companion.  

The Moon – Uranus conjunction in the female horoscope

The conjunction of the Moon and Uranus will describe the owner of the horoscope as a freedom-loving, democratic and intellectually gifted woman. The flaws of her character will be waywardness, impatience and a desire to always go beyond what is permissible.

As a rule, the owner of the aspect tries to leave the parental home as early as possible, since it is difficult for her to endure various moral teachings, prohibitions and restrictions. A woman cannot imagine herself without friends and girlfriends, as she feels at home in their environment.

The topic of childbearing must be taken very seriously, as there may be difficulties with bearing a child.

The Moon – Uranus conjunction in the children's horoscope

Children with such an astrological aspect in the natal chart are usually easily excitable, moody and restless. You need to take care of the emotional state of the baby, since his nervous system is unstable.

Such children should not be punished, prohibited from doing what they love and from meeting with friends. A friendly tone of communication and sincerity of adults will set the child up for positive and constructive interaction with others.

Lilia Garipova

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