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Moon-Jupiter conjunction

The moon is responsible for the internal state of a person, his health and emotional reactions to events from the outside. The good planet Jupiter, connecting with the Moon, gives her vigor, life-giving strength and energy.

The moon is also responsible for the intuitive knowledge of reality, and Jupiter gives the gift of foresight. People with this astrological constellation are able to anticipate many events in life and successfully use all the positive opportunities that open up before them.

In addition, Jupiter targets the subject to broaden horizons and spheres of influence, and the Moon provides excellent adaptability. In this regard, a person with this aspect is not afraid of changes, loves to travel, learn new things and develop oneself.

Moon-Jupiter conjunction

The influence of the aspect on the psychological characteristics of a person and his behavior

The Moon-Jupiter conjunction in the natal chart makes a person's character cheerful, optimistic, noble and humane. He radiates positive energy, self-confidence and good nature towards people. In every event, the native sees the positive, and the glass of water for him is more likely half full than half empty.

A subject with this compound is distinguished by friendliness, kindness, and mercy. He attracts people to himself due to the fact that he knows how to enter into the position of everyone and meet halfway. The owner of the horoscope has worldly wisdom, and on occasion shares his rich knowledge with others. Any person for him is a value, and the native wishes with all his heart the good and happiness to each of his acquaintances.

Life is perceived by such people as an exciting adventure, rich in happy events and wonderful surprises. The owners of the aspect strive to achieve success in life, to fame, authority and a good material situation. I must say that they achieve all this not only thanks to luck and the protection of others, but also thanks to their energy and good penetrating abilities.

The conjunction of the Moon and Jupiter in the male horoscope

The moon, which is the significator of marriage in a man's natal chart, joining with Jupiter, will tell about an educated, cultured, benevolent and active spouse. It is interesting to communicate with her, expand horizons, travel and open up new prospects for joint affairs.

Men, whose birth chart contains this aspect, are nevertheless distinguished by independence and love of freedom, and this can negatively affect the construction of relationships. One must also beware of the situation of a protracted search for an ideal woman in all respects.

The conjunction of the Moon and Jupiter in the female horoscope

The conjunction of the Moon and Jupiter in a woman's horoscope will give information about her character and tell about the desire to be a wife and mother.

Of course, these women are distinguished by high self-esteem and willfulness, but the family is still important to them. Horoscope holders are distinguished by their spiritual breadth, generosity and hospitality. As a rule, they are in good health and try to have as many children as possible.

The conjunction of the Moon and Jupiter in the child's horoscope

A child, in whose birth chart there is a conjunction of the Moon and Jupiter, gladly meets every new day and always knows what to do with himself. In the world he sees a lot of interesting and exciting things, and therefore it is difficult to keep such a baby in place.

If the Moon and Jupiter are in the signs of Cancer, Taurus or Sagittarius, then the childhood of such children is joyful and fun. A kind atmosphere of love and mutual understanding reigns in the family. The close environment takes care of both the physical development of the child and the intellectual. Often this aspect speaks of educated and enlightened parents, thanks to whom the child receives a good upbringing and valuable knowledge that will be useful to him in life.

Lilia Garipova

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