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Mars-Neptune conjunction

The conjunction of Mars and Neptune in a person's birth chart will tell a lot about his character, behavior and activity. Mars is responsible for the activity and manifestation of energy, and Neptune brings an element of intuition and spontaneity to the native's actions. It is often difficult for such a person to explain how he performs this or that action and gets a certain result.

Since Neptune symbolizes creativity and everything secret and unknown, the subject, by the nature of his activity, is often associated with art, psychology, religion and esotericism.

Mars-Neptune conjunction

The influence of the aspect on personality traits, its activity and behavior

If there is a conjunction of Mars and Neptune in the natal chart, then the subject forms high ideals in his consciousness and is guided by them in everyday life. If he feels inspiration and enthusiasm, then any business in his hands is arguable. The native does not feel tired as long as he is fascinated by something. If the muse leaves such a person, then it is impossible to make him work. The most comfortable option for him will be the option of working with a free schedule.

A person with this aspect does not like to advertise their actions. He prefers to work quietly and without publicity. Often such people become secret well-wishers, patrons and benefactors.

The owner of the horoscope is inclined to get overly carried away by ideas, including religious ones. Since the conjunction of Mars and Neptune is an evil aspect, the native's disadvantages can be reckless adherence to any concept and imposing his opinion on others.

The owner of the aspect is interested in material issues, since both Mars and Neptune are considered financial planets. But since the native has problems with discipline, as a rule, he cannot make much money.

The owner of the aspect between Neptune and Mars can realize their abilities in the field of medicine (including non-traditional) and psychology, in the field of finance, music, cinema and theater. Any creative work is suitable for him, as well as activities related to the search for information.

The conjunction of Mars and Neptune in the natal chart of a man

The aspect between Mars and Neptune in the man's chart will tell you that the native has a gentle, merciful character and high susceptibility. He is romantic, has high ideals, but often such people do not know what to do in a difficult situation. It will be best if they have a partner who is firmly on their feet, practical and realistic.

Men with this aspect need to beware of the appearance of addictions: alcoholic, drug, psychological, etc.

The conjunction of Mars and Neptune  in the natal chart of a woman

The aspect of tension between Mars and Neptune in a woman's horoscope indicates the difficulties and ambiguous situations in her personal life. Such a connection may indicate a fictitious marriage.

As a rule, a woman idealizes her partner too much. She comes across men who are sophisticated, inspirational and creative. However, in practice, it turns out that they cannot take care of the immediate needs of their loved ones and often walk away from problems instead of tackling them.

Women with this aspect need to avoid relationships with men who have addictions and mental disabilities.

The conjunction of Mars and Neptune  in the child's   natal chart  

If Mars and Neptune are in conjunction in the child's birth chart, then attention must be paid to his creative development. These children may enjoy moving to music and playing musical instruments.

Adults should closely monitor the physical development of the child. Swimming and outdoor games with peers will develop dexterity, flexibility and the ability to navigate well in space.

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