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Mars – Pluto conjunction

The conjunction of Mars and Pluto in the natal chart is an astrological constellation that cannot be ignored. Both planets are responsible for the manifestation of strength and volitional influence. The combination of two conflicting planets in the horoscope makes the native's character difficult. A person is inconvenient in communication, does not want to give in and adapt to those around him.

Mars - Pluto conjunction

The influence of the aspect on personality, behavior and human activity

This aspect will inform the native of such qualities as courage, resilience and the ability to manage any situation. The owner of the horoscope may not have an athletic build, but he seems to radiate a powerful inner strength, which many obey.

The subject loves and knows how to command. At the same time, he does not need to raise his voice or use physical force in order to influence the situation. Such a person knows how to exert a psychological influence on others, inspire them to do things or convince them of the need for any action.

Such people are very dedicated to their work, do not bend under external circumstances and never give up their positions. They achieve good results not only due to their high activity and efficiency, but also due to the fact that they know how to manage weaker and less confident people. The surrounding people willingly obey the native, as they see him strong, successful and popular.

A subject with the conjunction of Mars and Pluto in the natal chart can become a leader in the office or at an enterprise, realize himself in the military field or in sports. This aspect will not be superfluous in the card of a police officer or security agencies. The conjunction of Mars and Pluto can be found in the horoscopes of stuntmen, rescuers, surgeons, pathologists, forensic scientists and workers involved in heavy industry.

The conjunction of Mars and Pluto in the natal chart of a man

If there is a tense aspect of Mars and Pluto in a man's birth chart, then the native can be characterized as a person who is active, determined, enterprising and inclined to leadership. The difficulties that are encountered on the way, the owner of the horoscope meets fully armed. The situation of confrontation and struggle for him is the most commonplace. He knows how to solve problems using force and knows how to insist on his own.

It will be good if the subject chooses docile and peace-loving people as partners, since conflicts are not needed in marriage and business cooperation. A positive quality of the owner of the conjunction of Mars and Pluto will be the ability to protect a weaker partner and lend him a shoulder in a difficult situation.

The conjunction of Mars and Pluto in the natal chart of a woman

A woman, in whose horoscope there is a conjunction of Pluto and Mars, often chooses male dictators and aggressors as her partners. A marriage can be contracted early and under the influence of external circumstances.

In a relationship, there can be a lot of conflicts, proceedings and even fights, although much depends on the level of personal development. It is necessary to avoid competition with a partner and be able to transfer the initiative to each other depending on the developing situation.

The conjunction of Mars and Pluto in the child's natal chart    

The conjunction of Mars and Pluto in the child's horoscope will inform about his strong character. Such children should not be tried to be subordinated to their will, otherwise they will provide resistance, which in an older age will lead to loud conflicts.

The child must be protected from dangerous situations and injuries. Physical education, competitive participation and team activities will help develop endurance and dexterity, as well as fulfill the leadership inclinations of these children.

Lilia Garipova

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