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Conjunction Mercury – Jupiter

The conjunction of Mercury and Jupiter is an aspect that gives a person great creativity and excellent mental abilities.

Mercury and Jupiter are the planets responsible for cognition and education. Mercury is directly involved in the perception of information and allows a quick exchange of the received data with others. Jupiter symbolizes holistic views, worldviews and concepts, having formed which, the subject can transfer the accumulated experience to others.

Mercury and Jupiter, having combined their influences in the natal chart, make a person a great intellectual who never ceases to expand his horizons and improve himself.

Conjunction Mercury - Jupiter

The influence of the aspect on personal qualities and abilities of a person

The conjunction of Mercury and Jupiter gives a person a philosophical mindset. He knows how not only to collect the necessary information, but also to generalize it, creating complex knowledge systems from data as from bricks. Such people love to conduct various studies and surveys. The processing of single information leads to the emergence of a general picture of what is happening.

A native with this aspect also has a rich imagination and good imagination. He knows how to choose the right words and colorfully describe phenomena, and therefore such people make good storytellers and writers. The owner of the aspect is worth noting a penchant for learning foreign cultures, a love of foreign languages ​​and an interest in travel.

The owner of the horoscope may be interested in jurisprudence, politics, sports, philosophy, religion and any humanities. These people often have good entrepreneurial skills. They know how to expand their sphere of influence and benefit from connections with foreign partners. Good intuition and a good perspective help them in doing business.

Such people should still avoid scattered interests, empty talk and chaos in business. Nor should you rely too much on your foresight. Logic and analysis of facts will help avoid miscalculations and misconceptions.

The conjunction of Mercury and Jupiter in the child's horoscope

In order for a child with the conjunction of Mercury and Jupiter in the horoscope to develop harmoniously, he needs to provide access to the area of ​​interest that interests him and at the same time create conditions for physical activity. Of course, such children love to read and learn new things, but at the same time, one should not forget about the need to engage in physical education and sports.

It is important that the child's knowledge is not only theoretical. Invaluable benefit will be brought to him by vivid impressions received during trips abroad, as well as acquaintance, correspondence and communication with children from other countries.

The conjunction of Mercury and Jupiter in some zodiac signs

The signs of the zodiac and the elements in which the planets of knowledge Mercury and Jupiter are located will inform about the sphere of the native's intellectual interests. For example, if the conjunction of the planets happened in the element of the Earth (in the signs of Capricorn, Taurus and Virgo), then the native's mind is logical, deep, practical and fruitful. A person may have an interest in the exact and applied sciences, in the financial sphere and in innovation.

The conjunction of Mercury and Jupiter in the signs of Water (in Pisces, in Scorpio and in Cancer) will inform about the psychological mind and the ability to see the hidden. Such people are capable not only of psychology, but also of the study of philology, chemistry, finance and pedagogy.

If the planets unite in the element of Fire (in the signs of Aries, Leo and Sagittarius), then the mind of the born is distinguished by liveliness, energy and independence. A subject with such a constellation knows how to speak to the public, loves to learn and cover socially significant topics.

The planets that form the conjunction aspect in the air signs (in Aquarius, Libra and Gemini) make the mind agile, quick, resourceful and versatile. Such people are interested in many things: science, art, education, but their most important quality is the ability to create extensive connections and engage in social activities. 

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