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Pluto Conjunct Selena: An Angel Among the Crowd

The White Moon shows the good karma of the native kind, the one that has already been worked out, or the owner of the card should be the last one to close it once and for all in a specific issue. You can clarify this direction by the theme of the house where Selena stands, and by the planet in conjunction with it.

Pluto is also an indicator of karma, and collective, which means that the ancestors of a person brought a lot of benefits to a large number of people, therefore it is in the crowd and mass movement that the native is maximally protected. Moreover, he can change the fate of entire nations, if he sets himself such a goal, through activity on the highest floor of the house where the aspect stands. However, Selena does not suppress the free will of the native, and if, having gained power, he uses it for repression and destruction, he cannot be stopped.

Features of the connection of Selena and Pluto

Ideally, at a high level of development, while being brought up in a good friendly atmosphere, the native dreams of changing the world for the better, accomplishing a feat, a discovery, writing a book that will change people’s thinking, or becoming popular so that one appearance on the stage will inspire the hearts of the audience. Pluto always includes large-scale aspirations, and Selena ennobles them.

Even if a person is at an average level of development, and, accordingly, attracts material well-being, seeks not just to have money, but to rule the world or a certain area through financial flows, he does this with the good purpose of helping other people, making them happy or teaching them how to connect to the universal abundance. Scientific discoveries at the conjunction of Pluto with Selena are also made with the intention to radically change the state of things: to invent an elixir of immortality no less.

Characteristic features when connecting Pluto with Selena:

  • royal charisma, all the more pronounced if the Sun is in Leo, when a person gives the impression of a noble ruler who wants to serve;
  • ambitions associated with the lofty goal of making humanity happy, which helps the native morally in moving towards the desired;
  • quick materialization of what was conceived, especially finances, in the area of the house where the aspect stands;
  • with harmonious Mercury – oratorical abilities, the ability to control the crowd through the word and personal charm both at the level of a teacher and a president;
  • a comfort zone in a crowd, at a rally, demonstration, at least in a large company;
  • sexual attraction for the opposite sex, but without base vibrations: the native is attracted physically, but bowed before him.

This aspect is most often found in the horoscopes of people whose ancestors faithfully served their homeland, saved the victims of global catastrophes or military operations, so now they should not be afraid of earthquakes and revolutions, and once on the battlefield, under fire, they are likely to be among the survivors .

If there are no additional negative aspects from Uranus, then accidents and plane crashes also bypass the native.

Dangers of Selena-Pluto Conjunction

In part, the aspect is similar to the conjunction of the White Moon with Mars. At a low level of development, Pluto is played through criminal inclinations, a lust for power and a tendency to dominate.

Selena, on the other hand, literally blinds a person, not of her own free will, but because of his inability to understand her call, due to her upbringing in rudeness and violence. If this happens, the higher forces for some reason wait for the native to learn steadfastness, courage and gain support in himself before helping others to do this, but not every soul understands this.

It happens that the Selena-Pluto conjunction manifests itself through:

  • idealization of gangster life, prison romance;
  • the desire to remove all evil from the world: the image of a noble avenger, ruthlessly destroying bad people, both morally and physically;
  • secret machinations with finances with false noble goals in the image of Robin Hood: forcibly taking from the rich and giving to the poor.

In the most difficult cases, in the presence of additional negative aspects, the Selena-Pluto conjunction gives a manic desire to cleanse the world of vice, the motivation to kill, or at least humiliate, for example, prostitutes, beggars, racketeers, those who, according to the native, do not deserve live.

In a light version of this delusion, a person can secretly take revenge on vile colleagues, scammers, or any offenders, beautifully, but ruthlessly returning the evil done to them.

How to work out the connection Selena – Pluto

The higher planets, and especially Pluto, can only be processed through awareness. The native needs to understand that Selena directs him to the highest floor of the house and sign, where the aspect stands, and it is there that he needs to open up through Pluto for the benefit of not only himself, but also a large number of people.

He will have to be an explicit leader if the Sun is in the signs of fire and air, and a secret one if the energy of water and earth predominates, suggesting influence on the world through creativity or finance.

Manifestation for the benefit of others largely depends on the position of the daylight. Do not forget that one of the interpretations of the connection with Selena involves the rejection of the desired in the name of getting it. Thus, if a person strives for wealth, power and fame according to Pluto, he needs to remove the emotional involvement in the result, setting the goal not for personal popularity, but for the positive impact of his activity on other people, and then everything will go like clockwork.

Vasilisa Vishneva

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