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Saturn-Chiron conjunction. Time for great things

Aspects with Saturn usually cause concern for the owners of the card, because the lord of time freezes the qualities of the planet with which he is in alliance. Even with a positive connection, it slows down the development of favorable events and this is not always beneficial. However, in the case of Chiron, an amazing tandem of two wise elders occurs: Saturn has an atypical effect for itself: it calms the partner’s reckless adventurism, gives him wisdom and seriousness.

The owner of the aspect retains non-standard thinking and creativity, but does not act recklessly, but wisely, having thought through the consequences of any adventure. He knows how to manage time and knows that there are hours for fun, which he indulges uncontrollably, and for work, where he plunges headlong.

Positive influence of Saturn-Chiron conjunction

This aspect is ideal for rulers, but is extremely rare in natal charts. Both planets have a lot of work with other brethren and they unite together in the horoscopes of those chosen for great things. Many obstacles will have to be overcome, created by Saturn with the help of the ingenuity and innovation of Chiron, who mediates between the Saturnian earthly limitations and reaching the level of the unlimited possibilities of the higher planets. When processed, this gives:

  • incredibly developed mind: even in stressful situations, a person thinks calmly and knows how to find ways out of the most seemingly hopeless situations;
  • the ability to create your own system along the line of Chiron – in music, art, folk healing, medicine;
  • the ability to see the future in the embryo of any business;
  • wisdom beyond his years, understanding the motives of any person’s actions.

If the native uses these gifts of the aspect, then, as a rule, by the age of 29 he enjoys respect and recognition in the chosen field of activity. The conjunction of Chiron and Saturn in the 9th and 10th houses is especially revealing, indicating a karmic destiny. In the 7th house, the aspect indicates the need to develop high moral qualities in relationships with other people. It attracts partners with similar views and strict principles to the native, which will serve as the basis for a happy marriage if the owner of the horoscope matches them.

The negative impact of Chiron-Saturn conjunction

The speed of fulfillment of desires and professional realization depends on the presence of authority in the life of the native, whom he follows, whose support he enjoys. If there are karmic debts and additional negative aspects associated with the 4th, 10th and 12th houses, as well as the Sun, the native has a very difficult relationship with influential people, but most importantly, with his parents.

The conjunction of Saturn and Chiron most often gives problems with the father, who humiliates, suppresses, literally crushes the child under him, demanding obedience, and sometimes a complete rejection of his talents and mission, which do not fit into the framework of the ideas about the correct life of the parent himself. But a mother can be in his place if she gave birth to a child without a husband and quite late. The desire to limit freedom, secure or bind to oneself will irritate the Chironian side of the native with a desire for independence and creativity. The connection is most acute in the 4th house of the horoscope.

A negative impact is also possible from the side of the authorities, although if Chiron’s talents are connected to the problem: humor, flexibility of thinking, adaptability, esoteric knowledge, including astrology, you can improve relations with any aggressor.

Help will also come from grandparents, with whom, unlike parents, the native has quite warm ties. Their wisdom and experience often become the trigger for the flowering of the Chironian gifts of grandchildren.

Saturn-Chiron conjunction in synastry

Such an aspect in the compatibility map is extremely rare. As a rule, this is a big age difference between spouses, when the wisdom and experience of one creates an alliance with the creative energy and thirst for knowledge of the other, but from the side of society they face condemnation and misunderstanding, although they themselves can be happy and satisfied with all facets of marriage.

Working out the Saturn-Chiron conjunction

The native is born to rule the country or company, family or personal creativity, but it is very important to take a leadership position in your life, not to succumb to the pessimistic thoughts of Saturn, which during transits can inspire uncertainty and fear of never getting what you want.

For this you need:

  • constantly develop their creative abilities;
  • put the Chironian talents of an actor, healer, humorist, diplomat into the rigid framework of Saturn: schedule rehearsals, performances, classes by the hour, literally distributing the time of creative work by the minute;
  • do not be afraid of routine, find positive and pleasure in it, but also do not go into work with your head, set aside time for communication and entertainment;
  • work out planets adjacent in quality: Mercury, Uranus and Venus.

The conjunction of Saturn and Chiron gives a special relationship with time. The native feels it differently than other people, if desired, he knows how to stop the moment or slow down the clock, but most often this happens for himself, imperceptibly to others.

In order to influence the event series of others, you need to have a huge supply of energy. An indispensable talisman – the accumulator of strength and a thin indicator that helps manage time, is a blue sapphire in silver.

Vasilisa Vishneva

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