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Sun-Lilith Conjunction: Royal Narcissus

Lilith is called the Black Moon because she reflects the dark depths of the subconscious, where the ray of light of awareness has not yet penetrated. It reflects deep instincts that promise pleasure that cannot be denied. Astronomically, this is the apogee of the Moon, the farthest point from the Earth. When the Sun passes through it at the birth of a native, it highlights and brings to the fore the darkest, flawed and perverse traits of character, especially those that were present in the family, but skillfully suppressed.

Such people can be both demons in the flesh, and incredibly charismatic, sexually attractive leaders. Much depends on the sign of the zodiac and the level of spirituality, but the dark side will attract the native like a magnet and he will have to overcome temptations all his life, or he will give up, become an egoist and consumer of pleasures, a tormentor of loved ones.

Features of the influence of the conjunction of the Sun with Lilith

This aspect affects the character of a person more, since Lilith, as a fictitious point, cannot create events. However, a person who has the basic principles of the planet turned inside out when the Sun connects with it will a priori act differently than the owner of the planet usually does in exaltation or in the fall.

The issue of ego is so painful and acute for a person that he does everything to highlight personal uniqueness. The problem is that if he is not really a valuable specialist or an artistic and bright person, as he wants to present himself, from the outside it looks like pomposity and snobbery.

When the Sun connects with Lilith, the latter literally sucks the energy of creation from the luminary, feeding on it, and makes it constantly act. Since it is usually easier to destroy than to create, the native begins to destroy relationships, overspend, lie out of the blue. Moreover, he is fully aware of the dark side of consciousness and even identifies himself with it, considering himself an inveterate scoundrel or tyrant. Few of the owners of the connection Lilith – the Sun can get rid of the feeling of unworthiness and inferiority due to the understanding that they are too dependent on the bad.

But when connected, the participants of the aspect create a symbiosis of contradictory personal energies, therefore, most often a person:

  • trying with all his might to prove his importance to others;
  • strongly dependent on opinions from the outside, not only about himself, but also ready to destroy his loved ones if they are dissatisfied with people significant to him;
  • exaggerates his dignity and appearance, falls into narcissism due to deep self-doubt;
  • suffers from a feeling of insignificance, accepts compliments with hostility and does not believe that he can be loved just like that (an extreme manifestation of the aspect).

This is a classic narcissist in terms of psychology. It is difficult for him to take care of others, because the focus of his attention revolves exclusively around his person. He may not feel compassion, pity, sympathy for what is not connected with him personally.

Positive manifestations of the conjunction of Lilith and the Sun

Sometimes a person is aware of his egoism and narcissism and honestly warns new acquaintances about them. If they are ready to give him full admiration and love, with a minimum of careful criticism, he is ready to move mountains.

The best manifestation of the aspect is the fullness of the energy of creativity and childlike spontaneity. The native does not recognize prohibitions and social conventions, but on the other hand he can spontaneously stand out from the crowd by starting to dance in the street to good music, or without a shadow of a doubt he goes to the head of any institution without a queue and gets what he wants.

The strengths of the conjunction of Lilith and the Sun:

  • sexual attractiveness, charm, charisma;
  • bright emotionality, openness, impulsiveness of actions under the influence of intuition, which leads to good results, even if there are no grounds for this;
  • strong immunity – Lilith needs the energy of the Sun, and she indirectly generates it, which gives incredible vitality and endurance even in an epidemic;
  • luck in matters of the house and the sign of the aspect;
  • understanding the horrors of the negative energies of the Lilith sign and the desire to expose them in oneself and others through creativity or the choice of activity, if the aspect affects the 1st, 6th, 10th, 11th houses.

These are real life lovers who love entertainment and enjoying any joys of life. Even falling into despondency, they will never reach suicide.

Working out the conjunction of the Sun and Lilith

Any narcissist craves power and a sense of being needed. This desire will be the engine of progress for the native. Instead of aggressing on the world and others who do not see him as a star without sufficient evidence, he should develop himself as much as possible and actively participate in public activities.

The main mistake of such people is the need to immediately become a hero, without performing feats, and even more so without routine work on oneself. However, if they understand that this is necessary for a career take-off, then they are able to temporarily stay on the sidelines.

Without power and high social status, the native will plague the family with aggression and nit-picking, asserting himself at the expense of loved ones, so it is necessary to make a career and raise the financial level.

It is necessary to bet on the active qualities of the Sun according to the sign of its position, then it is possible to easily achieve any goal, as well as on creative inclinations and an unusual creative approach to solving problems.

If the native gets rid of self-flagellation, feelings of unworthiness due to dirty thoughts, temptations by the dark side and mistakes of the past, aggression and envy, then he will gain protection from any destructive actions, unlimited energy potential for the realization of the most daring ideas.

Vasilisa Vishneva

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