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Sun-Mars conjunction

The conjunction of the Sun and Mars is a remarkable astrological phenomenon. The sun symbolizes the source of energy, and Mars gives strength, thanks to which the powerful energy potential of the personality is successfully realized outside. Since both celestial objects are masculine, the result of their interaction is the manifestation of a person's enormous willpower, physical strength, energy and determination.

Sun - Mars

The influence of the aspect on personal qualities, behavior and human activity

The actions of a person who has this constellation in the horoscope are aimed at achieving success in socially important matters. He himself gains a reputation as a strong and strong-willed person. He never gives in to difficulties, is always ready to fight for justice and a just cause. In a difficult and contradictory situation, the owner of the conjunction of the Sun and Mars does not hide behind the backs of others, but takes risks and acts fearlessly, despite the danger.

The conjunction of the Sun and Mars is a tense aspect, therefore, people with such an aspect in the natal chart are prone to excess activity and waste of energy. They do not know the measure at work and achieve success where ordinary people fail.

A person who has such an aspect in a horoscope is very proud and strives to gain a high status in society. Sometimes he seems like an upstart, because at every opportunity he tries to demonstrate his superpowers.

It is very important for such a subject to find a job “on his own”, that is, to be able to use his enormous energy potential in business and thereby direct his remarkable forces in the right direction. If this does not happen, then the owner of the conjunction of the Sun and Mars will suffer from an overabundance of strength and nervous tension. In this regard, he will pour out his energy into the outer space, provoking conflicts with others, showing aggression and irascibility, as well as recklessness in business. The disadvantages of this type can also include impulsiveness, rudeness, willfulness, impatience and impatience.

These people are best suited for work related to military affairs, sports, politics, entrepreneurship, finance, as well as with the implementation of any industrial activity.

The conjunction of the Sun and Mars in the female horoscope

In the male horoscope, this connection is perceived normally, since its manifestation organically fits into the pattern of behavior of the stronger sex. However, the effect of this aspect among the fairer sex causes misunderstanding in society, since we are talking about qualities unusual for a woman's nature. Such women can seem rude, too passionate and decisive. Quite often, they are the first to take the initiative in relationships with the opposite sex, which causes bewilderment of others and problems in their personal life.

Women with the conjunction of the Sun and Mars in the horoscope need to realize this peculiarity of theirs and try to correct their behavior. They can also find an understanding, kind and peaceful partner who will not see the problem in the overly masculine behavior of their other half.

The conjunction of the Sun and Mars in some zodiac signs

The conjunction of the Sun and Mars is especially evident in the signs of Leo, Scorpio and Aries.

If the Sun and Mars interact closely in the sign of Leo, then the subject has a very ambitious nature and tries to stand out from the general background thanks to his ability to lead, act decisively and confidently. He knows how to gather people around him, motivate them to lead, inspiring them to achieve.

If two masculine principles have united and act in the sign of Scorpio or in Aries, then the owners of this aspect use their connections and authority in order to successfully complete their business. They are unusually active, they act quickly and efficiently, and the support of society, awards and praises further stimulate them to success, victories and conquests.

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