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Sun-Saturn conjunction

The sun in the horoscope is responsible for the supply of vitality and energy of a person, for his ability to rejoice and charge others with positive. Saturn, in contrast to the Sun, carries the principle of dryness, coldness, limitation and a serious attitude to reality. It makes you forget about fun and relaxation and constantly reminds you of the need to work in order to achieve your goal.

Sun - Saturn

Influence of the aspect on personal and business qualities of a person

The principles of the Sun and Saturn, uniting in the horoscope, form a persistent, responsible and judicious character, but since such a connection is a tense aspect, the negative traits of a native will be a tendency to pessimism, alertness and a joyless attitude towards life.

The conjunction of the Sun and Saturn speaks of a person's ability to make a career. The meaning of his life is work and reaching the top in his chosen activity. The owner of the aspect can start his movement towards the goal from the smallest. Such a subject overcomes all difficulties and trials on his way with his inherent resilience and humility. He is not afraid of the most difficult and ungrateful, or even black work.

Such persistence sooner or later gives tremendous results. Diligence, diligence, a sense of duty, a practical approach to business, a large amount of work done and invaluable experience make the owner of the connection a top-class professional, the head of any responsible post and a person respected in society.

People, in whose horoscopes there is this connection, need to monitor their health, since their vitality and immunity are reduced. It must be remembered that in addition to exhausting work in life, there are also simple earthly joys and happy moments with loved ones, thanks to which it will always be possible to overcome adversity, setbacks and states of depression.

Any activity that implies career growth is suitable for owners of the aspect of the Sun with Saturn. Great prospects will open to the native people in the field of education, statistics, planning and management.

Conjunction Sun – Saturn in the female horoscope    

A woman with such an astrological constellation in her horoscope chooses partners who are serious, responsible, hardworking and purposeful. However, the Sun and Saturn, which form the aspect of conjunction in the female horoscope, for the most part characterize relationships with the stronger sex as difficult or unhappy.

The owner of the aspect tends to make high demands on a man, which delays the time of marriage. The aspect of the conjunction of the Sun with Saturn in some cases indicates celibacy, however, in order to make a reliable astrological judgment on this matter, additional indications in the radix are needed. It also happens that there is a big age difference with a man (the partner is either older than the woman or much younger). Moreover, marriage is often made for practical and material reasons.

The conjunction of the Sun and Saturn in some zodiac signs

The Sun and Saturn conjunction is an astrological combination most prominent in the signs of Capricorn and Leo.

The Sun and Saturn, closely interacting in Capricorn, give the world people who are trying to put everything around them in order and the system. They are prudent, careful, forward-thinking and economical. Such people understand how important it is to create a solid foundation for life and activity, and therefore spare no time or effort to make the basis of their existence sustainable, and the processes around them – clear, effective, well-structured and logical.

The aspect of the conjunction of the Sun and Saturn in Leo speaks of the native's ability not only to work, but also to involve people in collective work. Such a person successfully attracts others to the solution of assigned tasks, competently distributes duties and builds work processes. The owners of this aspect are natural born leaders and leaders.

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