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Conjunction Sun – Uranus

The heavenly bodies Sun and Uranus can be considered antagonists. The sun is responsible for the self-expression of a person, for his ability to be in the center and maintain generally accepted social foundations. Uranus, unlike the Sun, strives for independence, freedom, expression of a distinctive character and creation of an outstanding image.

The Sun and Uranus, forming the aspect of the connection in the horoscope, orient the personality towards creativity, the formation and maintenance of social relations, as well as the conduct of active activity in society.

Sun - Uranus

The influence of the aspect on personal qualities, worldview and attitudes of a person

People with this astrological constellation look at the world around them with curiosity and interest, show eccentricity and long to express their individuality.

The owners of the conjunction of the Sun and Uranus love everything non-standard, progressive and unusual. They will always support new ideas and become members of a group that offers changes for the better society. Since the conjunction of the Sun and Uranus is referred to as tense aspects, negative traits can also be traced in the character and behavior of people with such an astrological combination: radicalism, extremist sentiments, harshness, adventurism and haste in decision-making.

In any case, this aspect gives a person the most powerful intuition and the gift of foresight. The subject looks far into the future and sees all possible development prospects, therefore it is easy for him to proclaim changes and be the first to take steps towards them.

The aspect of the Sun and Uranus involves communication and exchange of ideas with like-minded people. In a circle of friends, such people are unusually comfortable. Here they feel needed, playing the role of inspirers, idea generators and community organizers.

Such people are most suitable for social activities, involving the organization of new joint projects and the development of collective creativity. The native can be successful in scientific, inventive and research work. He can be attracted by any modern technology, electricity, programming and engineering. Topics such as space, astronomy and astrology can become the subject of close attention and study for the owner of the aspect of the Sun and Uranus.

Conjunction Sun – Uranus in the female horoscope

The sun in a woman's horoscope will tell about her behavior in relationships with the opposite sex and describe the image of a man most attractive to her.

A woman with the conjunction of the Sun and Uranus tends to form friendships with a partner. She likes a man who is confident, intelligent, loyal, sincere and democratic. The owners of the aspect do not always manage to create a lasting union, since they show excessive love of freedom, rejection of strict restrictions and strict obligations in the relationship. Quite often, women with the conjunction of the Sun and Uranus show a tendency to break up relations and divorce.

The conjunction of the Sun and Uranus in some zodiac signs    

This aspect manifests itself especially clearly in the sign of Leo and Aquarius. Since Uranus moves across the firmament at a low speed, such astrological combinations are rare. So, the last time Uranus was in Aquarius was in the period from 1995 to 2003, and the transit of Uranus in the sign of Leo took place in the years from 1955 to 1962.

People with the conjunction of the Sun and Uranus in Aquarius are distinguished by originality, independence and a strong aspiration for the future. They love change and reform, they always vote with both hands for democracy, friendship and humanistic ideals. A person with the aspect of the Sun and Uranus in the horoscope does not strive for stability and material wealth. Its true values ​​are friendship, progressive knowledge and the pursuit of the common good.

If the Sun and Uranus are combined in Leo, then the native has an extravagant taste and behavior. Such people achieve fame by demonstrating their outstanding abilities, unusual life attitudes and showing disregard for social conventions and orders. Best of all, the owners of the aspect realize themselves in scientific, inventive, social and public activities.

Lilia Garipova

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