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Conjunction Sun – Venus

Venus and the Sun do not go far from each other, and therefore can form only two aspects with each other, of which the conjunction is the brightest and most powerful interaction.

The conjunction of the Sun and Venus imparts a pronounced creative direction to the native’s personality. The Sun symbolizes the spark of God in man, and Venus, closely interacting with the Sun, makes it possible for the creative potential of man, laid from above, to manifest in a harmonious earthly form.

The influence of the aspect on personal qualities and worldview of a person

People, in whose birth charts two good planets were connected, have such character qualities as kindness, peacefulness, sincerity, striving for balance and diplomacy. They don’t like being at enmity with anyone. Their task is to make the environment in which they find themselves warm, peaceful, calm and harmonious.

People with such a creative connection always strive to learn and penetrate into the world of beauty. On the one hand, they are concerned with their appearance: they create an attractive image, buy clothes that emphasize their dignity, regularly visit beauty salons and follow fashion trends. On the other hand, they also care about spiritual development: they enjoy visiting exhibitions, concerts, museums and theaters.

A large number of people with this aspect devote themselves completely to creative activity. The rest take a deep interest in poetry, painting, music, dance and other forms of art, devoting a lot of time to their hobbies.

The conjunction of the Sun and Venus in the horoscope can also be interpreted as an urgent need for relationships and love. Such people are very romantic and attractive, they radiate a magical sensual aura around them and therefore enjoy great success with the opposite sex.

Despite the fact that the Sun and Venus are good planets, their connection can cause laziness, love of fun, amorousness and frivolity. Such people should understand that it is impossible to live indulging in idleness and wasting their time on empty entertainment.

The conjunction of the Sun and Venus in the female and male horoscope

Since the Sun and Venus are marriage significators, it is important to consider their influence both in the natal of men and in the birth charts of women.

A woman in whose horoscope there is this connection, in most cases, strives for a stable and strong relationship. She is impressed if a partner is in any way connected with the world of art, demonstrates excellent manners, disposes to herself and does not skimp on gifts.

In the male horoscope, the aspect of the conjunction of the Sun and Venus means a craving for women who are bright, confident, stylish, talented and artistic. This constellation also indicates sincerity in love and fidelity in relationships.

Sun - Venus

The conjunction of the Sun and Venus in some zodiac signs

This aspect is manifested especially strongly in the zodiac signs Taurus, Libra and Leo.

The Sun and Venus, closely interacting with each other in the sign of Taurus, are conducive to stability and the pursuit of simple earthly goals. The native wants most of all to build a house, create a family and achieve financial well-being. These people are great workers, and they will work hard and hard to achieve their beautiful dreams. They love to create beauty with their own hands and surround themselves only with eye-pleasing things of excellent quality.

When the Sun and Venus act together in the sign of Libra, the person considers creating harmony and balance in partnership as one of his life priorities. Such people are adept at forging relationships by finding compromises in the most difficult situations. They easily charm others and win their hearts with their kindness, gentleness and unique charm.

If the Sun and Venus form a conjunction in the sign of Leo, then the native makes an impression on his surroundings through his exquisite appearance and regal demeanor. Such people love to perform on stage and give the audience the beauty of their soul. They endow others with positive, optimism, powerful energy of love and joy.

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