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Venus – Mars conjunction

Venus and Mars in astrology most often symbolize opposite concepts, images and phenomena. Venus traditionally denotes the female, and Mars – the strong half of humanity. If Venus speaks about the sphere of a person's sympathies and antipathies, about his peacefulness, willingness to cooperate and conclude agreements, then Mars is the planet of personal initiatives, power influences and aggression. Mars in the natal chart will describe the native's motor activity, and Venus will talk about his need to be relaxed and comfortable.

Yet Venus and Mars have something in common. They are called financial planets, and therefore for people with the conjunction of Venus and Mars in the natal chart, the material sphere occupies an important place in life.

Venus - Mars conjunction

The influence of the aspect on the psychological characteristics of a person and his behavior

The aspect of the conjunction of Venus and Mars in the natal chart can be interpreted in two ways. On the one hand, this is a tense aspect. Mars is a malevolent planet and in conjunction with Venus, it indicates extravagance, a penchant for love affairs and the inability to maintain an equal relationship with the opposite sex.

On the other hand, a high level of spiritual development and culture will help to work out the negative qualities of this aspect, and the connection of Mars and Venus will manifest itself in the form of the successful implementation of creative abilities and effective business activity of the native.

Since the owner of the aspect knows how to appreciate the beauty of physical forms, he tends to take care of his appearance. He finds time for physical education and sports, works on his image and carefully selects clothes. Thus, the owner of the horoscope , making the right amount of effort in this direction, becomes attractive to others, and often they see him as the standard of beauty.

Such people know how to relax, have fun and enjoy life. The main thing is to learn to limit yourself in entertainment and not waste your energy and material resources in vain.

Best of all, people with this aspect can show their abilities in the fields of finance, art and sports.

The conjunction of Venus and Mars in the male horoscope

Venus and Mars are the indicators of the relationship in the birth chart. The combination of these planets may indicate incontinence and inconstancy in love, as well as a desire to receive maximum sense gratification in the absence of spiritual attraction.

In the natal chart of a man, the conjunction of Venus and Mars will tell you that the native prefers athletic, passionate, strong-willed and energetic women. Relationships often start with a sudden passion and end with nothing, as it turns out that there is not much in common between partners. Disharmony in partnership and personal life can be overcome by focusing on morality and finding a permanent partner – a real soul mate.

The conjunction of Venus and Mars in the female horoscope

This aspect in the woman's birth chart will tell you that she prefers creative, amiable, gallant and outwardly attractive males.

Aspect owners should understand that relationships cannot always be perfect. You need to learn to solve problems not with the help of shouts, ultimatums and scandalous behavior, but using diplomacy and finding compromises.

The conjunction of Venus and Mars in the child's horoscope

Venus denotes creativity, and Mars denotes a child's physical activity. For full development, it is necessary to choose an activity for him that would combine beauty and action, movement.

For children with an aspect between Mars and Venus, dance and choreography classes are great. They can successfully create beauty with their own hands, while you can choose any direction: woodcarving, modeling, origami, etc.

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