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Conjunction Jupiter – Lilith: fame with a touch of scandal

The Black Moon symbolizes dark instincts and ancestral sins. In conjunction with the planet, it turns its basic principles inside out, forcing a person to act on the negative pole or abuse its good manifestations. This is the case when excellence is the enemy of good.

Jupiter is a symbol of wealth, success in society and well-being, it would seem that what can be spoiled here? However, in certain signs, Lilith makes the native be greedy, fanatical, use personal attraction for the sake of moving up the career ladder, and if Jupiter is in a fall or exile, on the contrary, it encourages spending money without an account and giving way to others to the detriment of oneself, until the owner of the card gets tired of enduring and will not make a huge scandal.

Features of the influence of the connection Jupiter – Lilith

Very often the aspect is interpreted as greed. Indeed, in the signs of Taurus and Virgo, and especially in the 2nd and 8th houses, he can hypertrophy this quality. The native, like the king of Koschey, is languishing over gold, accumulating savings for great purposes.

Such people can live from hand to mouth, but the dream of the latest iPhone inspires them to save a large part of their salary. However, it happens the other way around: a person knows about his greed, is afraid that others will not find out about it, and spends an exaggerated amount on others to prove: I am good, admire me.

The need for admiration and admiration from other people is so great that the native sometimes does not disdain by any means to hasten the ascent to Olympus. That is why they get fame with a touch of Lilith: scandalous, dark, with a mass of skeletons on the train.

Every 9 years, there is a possibility of revealing the secret dishonest actions of a native in order to achieve goals, and this must be borne in mind when starting a political campaign or active in a new position, because because of such “surprises” all efforts can go to waste.

Greed is also not to be taken literally. The connection of Lilith with Jupiter in the 1st house makes a person a collector of social activity, certificates of honor, medals, cups of the winner, in the 9th it encourages to accumulate diplomas of education and contributes to the formation of religious fanaticism, in the 5th it includes a desire to endlessly buy lottery tickets, participate in all kinds of draws, it is generally contraindicated for such people to play for money, addiction develops too quickly.

The native has a strange relationship with superiors: from admiration and servility to a complete denial of authority. He can easily fly out of the university for angry disputes with the rector, or fall into slavery to the guru of a totalitarian sect: it all depends on the strength of Jupiter.

Positive influence of Lilith conjunction with Jupiter

The native is passionately attracted to Jupiterian types. This has nothing to do with love, although it is not excluded if the 5th or 7th house is involved, but more often than not, he really wants to get into the highest social circle, where you can communicate with smart people who are endowed with a certain influence and power, and even better, become equal to them.

And for this task, you can easily reach the highest level of Lilith, using her artistry, charm, ability, even with amateurish knowledge, to create the image of a comprehensively developed person in order to enter any door, make useful acquaintances, use business connections to advance.

Lilith needs the energy of the planet with which she is connected. Any desires of the native on the Jupiter theme are magically fulfilled, although not without personal efforts. He easily enters the desired university, gets an internship abroad or wins a green card.

Another thing is that if he consciously does not adhere to the higher principles of both Jupiter and the Black Moon, then he can harm himself.

Aspect gives sudden and easy glory. It will be scandalous only when Jupiter is struck, when a person does not want to learn and develop, but believes that they should love and honor him anyway.

If the native works on himself, then even under other aggravating circumstances, he will find his enthusiastic audience, such as Olga Buzova and Sergey Burunov, the owners of this aspect.

How to Harmonize Lilith Conjunct Jupiter

The native will have to give up self-aggrandizement and omniscience, no matter how much he wants to seem like the main person in all matters. Lilith tempts with a sense of self-importance, and to such an extent that in the case of a weak Jupiter, a person begins to literally seize the lack of recognition and acquire extra pounds in order to at least outwardly appear to be a weighty figure.

In this option, psychological study is necessary, and the following actions will help to pacify Lilith:

  • getting a good education and a knowledge base that will allow you to adequately evaluate yourself from the outside and track out flashes of vanity;
  • the development of a sense of tact, measure and artistic taste, as exalted Jupiter prompts you to put on all the best at once;
  • respect for foreign cultures, learning different languages in detail, so as not to blurt out something wrong by mistake and not get into an international scandal.

It is important for a native to remember that there is no prohibition on building a brilliant career, but the main thing is to do it honestly, and if you have to fight with competitors, then show nobility without falling into envy and resentment.

Vasilisa Vishneva

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