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Trine Chiron – Venus. lovely people

Trigon is considered a conditionally positive aspect, but the best is the enemy of the good, because an excess of gifts of fate and constant luck indulge and do not make it possible to make independent progress. If there are squares and oppositions in the chart, the situation is much better, because the native faces difficulties and knows how to overcome them thanks to the energy of the trine.

However, for the owners of the trine Venus-Chiron, this is more difficult than other owners of aspects with an asteroid named after the centaur. From childhood they got used to being in the center of attention, they were loved by teachers, classmates, they gave way to the queue and were given the best places for beautiful eyes. If force majeure or changes in appearance suddenly happen, the native is simply not psychologically ready for such changes. Most of the luck is tied to personal charisma, and the pain is associated with intimate relationships.

The positive influence of the trine Venus-Chiron

The owners of the aspect are happy only in original relationships and types of creativity, which often causes bewilderment among other people. The degree of exoticism depends on the position of Venus, Uranus and the Ascendant in the natal chart. If they are in the signs of the earth, then a person still prefers the knurled path and rarely deviates from traditional ideas about happiness, which cannot be said about the position in fire and air signs. From their youth, they invent their own style of clothing, appearance, behavior, lovingly develop all the facets of their existing talents, warming up the public’s interest in their person. Most often, they are attracted by the career of an actor, politician, marketer, businessman, as well as the beauty industry in all its manifestations.

The element of water expresses itself outwardly cautiously, but the content will be revolutionary, for example, outwardly a person is cute and charming, does not violate the rules of decency, but writes futuristic novels, detective stories describing murders in detail, and the heroes of his works swear mercilessly. In any case, the native knows how to settle down in society and find an audience that will like his work.

The main points of influence of the trine Venus-Chiron:

  • external and internal charm, soft sex appeal, humor on the verge of decency, but in compliance with moral standards;
  • the gift of a teacher or healer: with the position of Venus behind Chiron, it will be great to work with children of all ages and engage in art, but if Chiron is in the background, then this is a theorist of ethics, aesthetics and social science, a hypothetical university teacher, designer, architect;
  • understanding the essence of personal relationships, the ability to help others cope with loneliness, separation, loss of a loved one;
  • idealization of love: they put it above a sense of duty and responsibility, they are ready to risk everything for the pleasure of being loved and feeling the admiration of a partner (dangerous if Venus is in the 8th house);
  • addiction to plastic surgery and image change;
  • a happy marriage and long relationship only happens after a series of trials related to karmic debts and past life problems, you may have to learn to appreciate yourself and a caring, kind partner after disappointments and problems with abusers.

The native has a very important gift: when faced with an obstacle, he does not give up, but takes a break, calms down and carefully analyzes the situation. Having understood how to act, he acts and goes towards the goal, turning on his charisma at full power. It is noteworthy that even in the absence of a bright talent or mind, a person still becomes a “star” if he wants to.

Trine Venus-Chiron and personal life

The trine itself does not give a successful marriage, as astrologers often promise, but it brings acquaintances and meetings with potentially wonderful partners, and then it depends on the native whether he will accept the gifts of fate or not.

At the highest level of development comes a deep understanding of love and relationships, but as a rule, through experienced pain. If the native follows the easy path, then he becomes more a consumer of admiration and love for a partner who is weaker in spirit.

Among the owners of the Venus-Chiron trine there are many marriage counselors, family psychologists, because a person from an early age is interested in the topic of relationships, especially the problem of abuse, tyranny, betrayal.

If Venus is in the 7th house, then luck in love is more likely than when Chiron is located there, which makes you suffer from fears: did I choose the right partner? Is he worthy of me? But Venus, in the presence of an additional trine with Jupiter, can attract an influential, rich and truly stellar life partner, who will be a reward for all the trials experienced.

Study of the trine Venus-Chiron

Man came to earth to know love. It is important to initially live according to the principles of pure relationships, get rid of jealousy, emotional dependence, increased control, but also not allow the partner to humiliate and restrict freedom. Men with the trine Venus-Chiron are somewhat easier to live: beautiful women always notice them and try to help, promote, create an alliance. It is important for them to simply work through doubts about their ideality, without comparing themselves with an imaginary perfect image. Women need to surround themselves with a retinue of beautiful girls to enhance the effect of the trigon, as well as choose female beauty specialists and stylists.

All owners of the Venus-Chiron trine benefit from studying art, marketing, financial investment, dancing, modeling clothes and jewelry. Most often there is an innate ability to sell, which can be the key to working out Venus.

Jewelry with turquoise , rose quartz and malachite will become wonderful good luck charms .

Vasilisa Vishneva

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