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Trine Moon – Pluto

The Trigon of the Moon and Pluto is a harmonious astrological aspect that gives the owner of the horoscope good chances and favorable prospects in life. Since the Moon and Pluto are directly related to intuition, a person with this aspect in the birth chart has insight and the ability to foresee the development of life scenarios.

The aforementioned luminaries are also responsible for the state of a person and his internal (energy) potential, therefore, the trine of these planets in the natal chart gives a person strength and energy. The subject is active, open, emotional and courageous, and this creates an attractive image for him.

Pluto and the Moon, interacting with each other, make a person a subtle psychologist. He knows how to tune in to the opponent's wave, feel his ulterior motives and catch the mood. All this allows the native to find his own approach to each person, inspire him and direct his activities in the right direction.

Trine Moon - Pluto

The influence of the trigone on the character and behavior of a person

The presence of this aspect in the radix is ​​a very favorable factor. The owner of the trine between the Moon and Pluto strives to be the first in everything, is always in a positive mood and knows how to achieve what he wants. Such a person is not stopped by difficulties (in particular, of an everyday nature). He is used to changing the surrounding circumstances in his favor, that is, transforming reality based on his needs and requirements.

Trine of the Moon and Pluto in the birth chart is undoubtedly a favorable aspect, often such subjects become popular and famous. It's not just his good penetration ability. He has the ability to rally people and ignite them with progressive modern ideas. Life-affirming speeches, extraordinary magnetism and an active life position of the individual make the native attractive to many people.

In addition, the owner of the horoscope always shares his joys and positive emotions with those around him. Such a person does not hide his achievements. And, as a rule, there are a lot of them both at work and in personal life.

Trigon Moon – Pluto in the male horoscope

If the man's radix contains the trigon of the Moon (the significator of relationships and marriage) and Pluto, then this suggests that the native knows how to attract attention in partnership, is proactive in communicating with the fair sex and is active in partnership.

Trine of the Moon and Pluto may indicate an early marriage, but in addition to this aspect, you need to look at other indications in the horoscope. Relationship with the woman he loves pleases the native. His partner is optimistic, cheerful, striving for innovation and knows how to create a positive and happy atmosphere at home.

Trine of the Moon and Pluto in the female horoscope

If there is this aspect in the woman's radix, then this characterizes her as a strong-willed, decisive, quick and socially active woman. The owner of the horoscope strives for success in life and most often achieves a lot. She is ambitious, practical and well versed in people.

A woman with Trine Moon and Pluto is distinguished by an independent and strong character and therefore, as a rule, seeks to create her own family as early as possible.

Aspect configuration in the child's horoscope

If there is this constellation in the child's natal chart, then his parents need to pay attention to his physical development. Participation in sports competitions, competitions and olympiads will delight such a child. Daily physical education will contribute to the rapid growth and harmonious development of such children.

Planets in the signs of the zodiac

The Moon and Pluto , united by the trigon aspect, are most often located in the signs of the same element.

The effect of the aspect is especially noticeable when the planets act together in water signs or in the signs of Fire. For example, if the Moon is in Aries and Pluto is in Sagittarius, then the native loves to lead, command, give advice and expand the horizons of others.

If, for example, Pluto is located in Scorpio, and the Moon is in Cancer, then the owner of the aspect is distinguished by economy, knows how to manage finances and cares about family well-being.

Lilia Garipova


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