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Trigon Sun – Saturn

The trigone between the Sun and Saturn is an aspect that communicates that there is order, discipline and clear organization in the life of the subject. The sun will tell you how a person positions and realizes himself in society. Saturn will set a serious direction for the vector of development and aspirations of the native.

Since Saturn is the planet of duty, work and responsibility, the owner of the harmonious aspect between the Sun and Saturn has the image of a hardworking, accurate and punctual person who does everything right in life.

Trigon Sun - Saturn

The sun, symbolizing the energy of the native, interacting with the pragmatic Saturn, makes you think about achieving your goals. The owner of the aspect does not waste his energy on entertainment and empty deeds. He solves problems with enviable persistence, step by step turning his ideas into reality.

The influence of the aspect on the personality of a person, his behavior and business qualities

The trigon between the Sun and Saturn is a pledge of a person's slow but sure advancement in career and social life. A subject with such an aspect, at first glance, does not shine with special talents and does not seek to declare himself to the world. However, upon closer acquaintance, it will become clear that he has a strong inner core and great ambitions. The native is cold-blooded, patient, responsible and shows enviable perseverance and zeal in business. All this allows him to achieve excellent results in activities.

The holder of the trine between Saturn and the Sun is never in a hurry and does not act in a swoop. He is used to developing far-reaching plans and strategies, steadfastly overcoming difficulties and biding his time for the right moment for action. A native has an excellent quality of organizing people to work together, and therefore he rarely has to work alone. In this regard, such people make good leaders who know how to correctly set a goal, distribute tasks and give everyone clear instructions.

People whose birth charts contain the trigon of the Sun and Saturn do not like to get sick and often become long-livers. They always have a list of tasks for the near future, and therefore they strive to get rid of the disease as soon as possible and get back into working order.

Best of all, subjects with an aspect between the Sun and Saturn will show themselves in activities related to management, government, finance, statistics, construction and education.

Trigon Sun – Saturn in natal women

The harmonious aspect of Saturn to the Sun, the signifier of marriage in a woman's radix, indicates her desire to create a strong and stable relationship with a partner. As a rule, the owner of this aspect is attracted to men who are wise, responsible, hard-working, organized and firmly on their feet. The trigon of the Sun and Saturn sometimes indicates that a woman is in no hurry to get married. Usually, by the time of the conclusion of an alliance, she has already achieved a lot in life on her own, and a serious relationship for her is another step up.    

Trigon of the Sun and Saturn in various elements

The trigon of the Sun and Saturn manifests itself in different ways in different elements. For example, the celestial bodies located in the signs of the Earth cause the subject to be motivated for career achievements, social growth and the acquisition of material well-being.

If the aspect connects the luminaries in the signs of Water, then such people try to form strong business and partnership relations, start a family and thereby create a strong rear for themselves in life.

If the Sun and Saturn are located in air signs, then the subject achieves a lot in intellectual activities. He achieves good results by interacting with other people and making agreements with them.

The trigon, which unites the said planets in the signs of Fire, endows the subject with good organizational skills. Such people always know what they want, know how to set goals and motivate others to achieve them.

Lilia Garipova


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