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Ruler of the 1st house in the 10th house – ladder of glory

The first house of the horoscope is a multifaceted characteristic of a person, both a physical body and a personality with its own unique character, style, interests and aspirations. The planet that rules the sign on the cusp of the 1st sector adds a strong emotional color to its qualities, and if it is in a monastery or exaltation, then sometimes the influence of the Ascendant is stronger than the Sun. This is why people sometimes don’t look like their main zodiac signs.

The position of the ruler of the 1st house in the 10th house of the map indicates a person’s strong involvement in the topic of social fulfillment, recognition of oneself as an individual and a professional. The native has a strong desire to become famous, to leave a memory of himself, to be admired by external data and talents. The presence of aspects will show how easily he can achieve this.

Influence of the ruler of the Ascendant in the 10th house

The tenth house rises above the axis of 1-7 sectors responsible for relationships. Its symbolic sign is Capricorn, and accordingly, Saturn affects the characteristics in addition to the ruling planet of the Ascendant (look at the sign on its cusp), which means that the effect goes to the entire horoscope. On the one hand, this gives a strong desire to become famous in the affairs of the sign of the 10th sector, on the other hand, for this you need to immediately go to the highest floor of Saturn, cultivate willpower, diligence, patience and humility.

Most owners of such a natal chart feel this intuitively. The understanding that they came into the world with a great mission awakens in them from their youth. They begin to work for a future career earlier than their peers, limiting themselves in pleasure and entertainment. While others spend time in discos and in fleeting novels, the native learns and gets the first entry in the work book.

If the rulers are Venus, the Moon or Neptune, then the person pays great attention to his appearance, because creative talents are strongly expressed here, and the native understands that the more beautiful and brighter he is, the sooner he will be noticed. The Sun, Mercury and Jupiter, on the contrary, encourage you to bet on charisma, intelligence and useful connections.

Such people often take part in various competitions, collect commendations, cups, awards as support for their self-esteem. They are characterized by a very serious attitude to their reputation (the influence of Capricorn), so bad habits, extravagant acts and dubious novels are not their story.

General influence of the ruler of the 1st house in the 10th house

Personal development occurs through a profession, communication with famous and authoritative people and the practice of knowledge and skills acquired in the 9th house. Such people do not sit on the couch in front of the TV. They are distinguished by the desire to quickly reach people and begin to translate their dreams into reality. Even Neptune here acts as a catalyst for practical actions: the native imagines what he wants, and then methodically and systematically goes to the goal.

True, this approach does not exclude loneliness. The owner of the horoscope will not be happy without gaining a high social status through a career. Even marriage to a famous and rich partner will not satisfy him. Another thing is to achieve success and fame yourself. To do this, they often leave a family that does not understand their aspirations, break with their roots and family, they can even take a pseudonym and come up with a “legend” for themselves, corresponding to the ideal image and unique style.

It is not easy for them to build relationships with colleagues, because they do not like to obey and follow other people’s orders. However, for the sake of their goals, the owners of the ruler of the 1st house in the 10th house can skillfully pretend. The best option is to gain independence from an early age, becoming a star or boss, go to freelance.

Depending on the level of awareness of a person, the influence of the ruling planet will manifest itself in 2 ways:

  • positive – a bright and confident manifestation of talents in public, the ability to communicate on an equal footing with great people, it is easy to reach career heights thanks to personal charm and intelligence.
  • negative – unscrupulousness in achieving goals, servility and serving the rich and famous, low deeds for the sake of humiliating competitors and self-promotion.

Relations with parents are of great importance for the formation of a native. He either follows in their footsteps with trepidation, or acts out of spite, interrupting a dynasty of professional achievements for the sake of his own path.

How to increase the positive impact of the ruler of the 1st house in the 10th house

It is important for a native to recognize his ambition from an early age and confidently go towards his goals. It is necessary to use the connections of parents, ancestral talents, developing them, to choose the best schools and subsequently universities, not only for the sake of education, but also for familiarization with the necessary social circle. If the native lives far from the life of the capital, among simple hard workers, he will be a black sheep, and no matter how capable, he will not be able to receive recognition.

To reach your destination, it is important to always be in sight. Even if a non-creative profession is chosen, it is advisable to participate in amateur concerts, organize charity evenings, public symposiums and perform publicly yourself.

To achieve any goal, it is important to make a plan, a promotion strategy and develop self-discipline. Saturn does not tolerate fuss and idle pastime. The native also should not relax, having achieved success, but immediately set a new goal for himself, otherwise you can quickly fall from Olympus.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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