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Ruler of the 1st house in the 8th house – secret passions

The first house is the main characteristics of a person: appearance, character, demeanor in society and basic aspirations, which the Sun subsequently picks up and expands. However, for a complete analysis, it is not enough to know the sign on the cusp, it is important to see where its ruling planet stands. The themes of this house will be the main ones for revealing the personality to the fullest. The circumstances themselves will contribute to this.

Ruler of the 1st house in the 8th house incorporates the energies of Scorpio into the original portrait of the native. This is expressed in an attractive look, depth of emotions, the ability to be a true friend and a ruthless enemy, interest in the secret sciences and exploration of the unknown. This will be especially pronounced if the 1st house really includes the sign of Scorpio or Pluto and Mars stand there.

The influence of the ruler of the Ascendant in the 8th house

The ascendant encourages a person to create his own style according to the elements of the rising sign, but the position of the ruler is of great importance. That is why not all Virgo and Capricorn ascendants, for example, prefer a strict office style of clothing. If their Mercury or Saturn falls in the 8th house, the influence of Scorpio as its symbolic lord and Plutonian sexuality will inevitably manifest itself in both appearance and demeanor. This also affects other signs on the Ascendant.

A person positions himself as an informal leader, knows how to manipulate other people, skillfully pressing on pain points and passionately wants to become famous thanks to his personal brand, charisma and intellectual achievements.

Another option is also possible, when only the fire in the gaze betrays the Plutonian depth of the personality, but outwardly the person is restrained, calm, modest. He will fully reveal himself to the fullest only in extreme situations, and often fate gives him such a chance through falling into crisis circumstances, when you can really show heroism, ingenuity or hit the object of your dreams in a sexy, stunning way in contrast to ordinary restraint.

General influence of the ruler of the 1st house in the 8th house

Human interests are always associated with the themes of risk, crisis, life and death, mysticism and magic. Despite the fact that most people do not think so, they have a huge potential for managing large financial flows. These are born tycoons, able to make money out of thin air in the themes of the 8th house sign . If this is Libra, then everything related to beauty, health, diplomacy will bring wealth, for Virgo – medicine, accounting, administration, for Leo – politics, stage, leadership in any direction.

The reason for the modest earnings of such people is a simple ignorance of their astrological chart. They did not prepare for their mission, when a good knowledge of mathematics, economics, psychology and management would take them to the top of any business.

Much depends on the ruling planet itself. If it is Uranus, a person is attracted to dangerous situations, in his soul he sees himself as a hero-rescuer who rushes with a grenade under an enemy tank, but in ordinary life it is difficult for him to show his inherent abilities. Saturn, on the contrary, makes the native reserved and cautious, which may lead to the gradual acquisition of wealth and the achievement of career heights, but it is also likely that a modest standing aside from honors and successes.

Depending on the level of awareness, the ruler of the 1st house in the 8th will manifest itself in one of two perspectives:

  • positive – the ability to take risks for the sake of a great goal and get an amazing result, and also be reborn like a Phoenix bird after any trials and derive a lot of benefits from dangers.
  • negative – a person always gets into trouble and as if deliberately provokes them. He gets involved in fights, quarrels, conflicts, suffers from delusions of grandeur, then impostor syndrome.

In addition to ambition and the ability to manage the flow of finances, the third leading feature of the native is his sexuality. If it is suppressed, then all other intentions are very difficult to implement, there is simply not enough energy.

How to increase the positive influence of the ruler of the 1st house in the 8th house

The main condition for the success of the native is a happy partnership with both a loved one and a business partner. The eighth house also touches on the topics of relationships between people, as it is associated with issues of sex.

If everything is good in this regard, the person simply sparkles with self-confidence, he has a lot of energy and desire to create a new reality, because the topics of the 8th house are always associated with transformation and the transformation of the simple into something extraordinary. But it is very difficult to do this alone, because even the Sun in the 8th house loses some of its strength. Here the subtle energies of esoteric knowledge will help the native.

In any case, it is useful to study astrology, especially transits , prognostics, horars, because there are always many dangers in the life of the ward ruler of the 1st house in the 8th house, and this is exactly the case when you need to scout the situation in advance and protect yourself at the same time with prayers.

You can’t go into spirituality alone, you need to study the laws of money, improve financial literacy, and engage in investments. It is very good to work in areas related to big money, from banking to producing creative projects, as well as in medicine, especially surgery.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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