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Lunar nodes without aspects

The situation when a planet or a fictitious point does not have aspects does not happen so often. This is a difficult position in which there is no support from other parts of the horoscope, as well as the psyche of the owners of such position of the horoscope themselves. They do not know how to get the “miner” from the depths of the horoscope, but it itself turns on at the most inopportune moment, or vice versa, when all the forces have been exhausted and there is nowhere to wait for help.

It happens that the karmic Lunar nodes (Ascending node (North node) and Descending node (South node)) do not have additional aspects with other planets, which makes it a stretch to call their position a mine, because the owners of the horoscope should not forget that the nodes are always connected with each other by opposition, but if there are no connections with other sectors through squares, oppositions, sextiles, trines and conjunction, it is difficult for people to find strength and generic talents in themselves, and even more so, to realize their true destiny.

Features of the influence of Lunar nodes without aspects

Karmic Lunar nodes always stand in opposition to each other. This is their normal state, because the South node symbolizes the accumulated karma of the family, genetically inherent talents, and the North node is a new direction for development, qualities that people need to develop to enter their destiny.

Aspects to nodes from other planets show with the help of what and whom one can open in oneself reliance on the South node, and later, having gained self-confidence, reach the calling of the North node. Again, the aspects of the planets  are certain signals that, the individuals are going in the right direction.

For example, if the owners og the horoscope have a South node in Aries, and at the same time they have a sextile to Venus, then fighting qualities and sports achievements will be manifested in communication with women. It is better to choose a female trainer. Girlfriends will help develop leadership skills by supporting or organizing a team if, for example, South node is in the 11th house.

If such a node has no aspects, then no one will help its owners to remember their strengths accumulated in their DNA by their ancestors. Such people will have to support themselves in an effort to be the first, collect a collection of cups and certificates before moving on to certainty of the destination through the North node in Libra.

If the North node had a connection with Pluto, one could say that rich and famous personalities will help the native, but when the North node is in the mine, only an astrologer can help, who will pull out information from the position in the house, the sign and the position of the ruler. Until about the age of 18, a person develops according to the North node, and after that one should strive to gain experience in the field of the North node affairs.

On the other hand, the connection of nodes with each other does not disappear. The disclosure of the destination always comes with the support of the Descending node, but this is all clear only to those who can read the natal chart. Without relying on it, people with such a horoscope seems to be closed from the prompts of the Universe. They are not sure if they have talents at all, often change hobbies and intentions, go to college just to get a higher education, and are not at the call of the heart, and often think about the meaning of life without seeing it in their story.

Three types of manifestation of the Lunar nodes without aspects

These nodes are not for nothing called karmic. On the one hand, the bowl is full, these talents can be relied upon in development, but it is necessary to accumulate new experience in the open bowl of the North node.

In general, there are three types of influence of the Lunar nodes on fate:

1. Inferior: the most primitive option. The people are indifferent to everything that happens in the world, according to the principle “it has nothing to do with me.” They do not care about the problems and experiences of other people, but they do nothing for their development either. Lack of spirituality and consumerism is the basis of their existence, but they do not realize this. It is very difficult to get out of this swamp, since most often such individuals are born in a family for which such a lifestyle is the norm.

2. Average: the horoscope holders have a choice: to live a bright and interesting life, for which they need to work hard, or to be  consumers, since they are born in a fairly conscious and wealthy family. Parents are trying to instill in them eternal values, but the attraction to a carefree, well-fed life is still great. If such people catch a spark of inspiration, want to create something new and develop, their lives will sparkle with new colors. They need to start by revealing the strengths of the South node.

3. Higher: karmic programs have no power over these individuals. From childhood, they initially walk along the higher floors of the signs of the Lunar nodes, trying to do good, which means they are free from restrictions. Now they create a new karma without reference to generic programs. These are the creators of their own destiny, who build their Universe with their own hands, without any patronage and sponsors, and even help others.

The evolution of people with such a position of the horoscope will take place depending on the level of this awareness, or they will completely deny the very idea of karma, accusing everyone of the fact that no one helps them, and the circumstances are not favorable for the realization of their desires, but at the same time they will not want to work on themselves. This type of behavior is typical for people with affected personal planets, and especially if one of them is the ruler of the North or South nodes.

It is especially difficult when both rulers are struck. This means quite heavy karma. Its owners can elaborate it, but for thisthey need the advice of a competent astrologer, who will tell them how to draw power from the planet for productive actions, and most importantly, what talents and skills of the South node should be used to harmoniously enter the destination of the North node.

It is much easier for the owners of strong rulers of karmic nodes. Just by their aspects, it can be assumed that the native will not be left without help. The main thing is not to miss the clues of the Universe.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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