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Venus without aspects

If the planet has no connections with other celestial bodies, its energy is original and unique, but most often it is as if in a dormant state, deep as in a mine. On the one hand,  people with this position of Venus do not depend on the feelings and assessments of other people, if we talk about Venus, but on the other hand, this leads to narcissism and loneliness, because they do not need anyone, and love in their minds is associated with possession and narcissism.

If Venus is weak, then its owners resemble a bottomless vessel. They do not believe that anyone can love and appreciate them as an individual. No matter how much people tell them about love, no matter how much people prove that they are important, they will never believe in it until they accept the shadow depth of unaspected Venus.

The positive influence of Venus without aspects

If the planet is strong and governs the corner houses, its owners are destined to be  original nuggets. They create something that was not there before in the world of art, beauty, finance and global values. Such people create a new style in everything that interests them. They do not care what happened before them, they live here and now, and create their own values, and do not adopt from others. This is how unique fashion designers, artists, photo models, business creators from scratch, advertising and marketing geniuses who promote new systems and views in society appear.

However, even here it is not without a fly in the ointment – a consumer attitude towards people, the manipulation of their feelings for the sake of profit or benefit.

The only problem is that Venus without aspects turns on when it pleases or under the influence of strong emotions, therefore the creators of the artistic sphere create brilliant projects only from time to time, and not in a constant stream, attributing this to rare bursts of inspiration, but in fact this is the effect of favorable transits to Venus without aspects.

At the same time, they want so much to become brilliant stars that this desire also works as an internal combustion engine for moving forward precisely in the Venusian sphere.

Despite the fact that there is no additional energy supply from other planets, there is also no confrontation with them. There is no fear of failure and disclosure of one’s sexuality as with the Venus-Saturn aspect, dependence on popularity with men and competition with them (Venus-Mars), fear that parents and bosses will stop loving if they suddenly do not meet their expectations (Venus-Moon). This gives incredible inner freedom, subject to the strong position of the planet.

The negative influence of Venus without aspects

Such people always give the impression of a strange and unpredictable personality. Most importantly, they do not know how to love and accept reciprocal love. They experience passion and a need to possess the person they like, but often lose interest at this stage.

Only under the condition of being brought up by spiritually developed parents do they develop the ability to take care, give attention and tenderness, think about the feelings of a partner. After all, Venus without aspects is not only incapable of this, but such a gift is hidden very deeply in it and is revealed only under special conditions. Without an example from the outside, people take a relationship scenario from films and the Internet, and it may not be rosy at all.

Initially, Venus without aspects gives a very strange preference in choosing a partner. The owners of such Venus like a non-standard appearance, sometimes on the verge of ugliness, or those people who seem ugly to others cause them a passionate desire.

Men can be attracted to shaven-headed muscular women, and girls can be attracted to slender guys with long hair, or vice versa, very full ones. In intimate life, the owners of Venus without aspects are also prone to all sorts of perversions or strange fantasies, calm healthy relationships seem insipid and boring to them.

However, they keep all their desires in secret, since the open manifestation of emotions is their biggest fear. With a weak position of Venus without aspects, its owners suffer in marriage, adapting to the wishes of their partner, embarrassed to talk about what they really want, not receiving any positive emotions from intimacy. It is this factor that causes change.

Karmic causes and development of Venus without aspects

The level of problems created by unaspected Venus depends on the position in certain houses:

  • 6th, 8th, 12th – complex relationships, personality transformation goes through crises and emotional dramas;
  • 1st, 4th, 7th, 10th – there are fewer difficulties in personal life, conflicts arise in the field of business cooperation and with parents.

This situation causes loneliness and financial problems for a reason. Such a scenario most likely took place throughout the family, so people need to study the history of the relationship of parents, grandparents, and so on, in order to understand the pattern.

Perhaps there were crimes against love in the family, when for the sake of prosperity they entered into a relationship without feelings, suppressing them from a false understanding of duty. The task of the holders of Venus without aspects is to allow themselves to love and accept love, a rich life without bending to the will of other people. To do this, first of all, they need to understand and accept themselves, their characteristics, and most importantly, the shadow side without shame and fear of condemnation.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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