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Ascending (or North) – Descending node conjunct Pluto

A planet in conjunction with one of the lunar nodes makes it clear that its topics will be fateful and important throughout life. The North Ascending Node of Rahu symbolizes the karma of the future. In alliance with him, the planet literally demands to develop talents and abilities according to the sign and house where it stands, and if a person does not do this, circumstances themselves will force him, and not always in a pleasant way. The South Descending Node hints that sins and mistakes have been associated with the planet, which need to be worked out now, revealing its talents in a positive and selfless way.

Pluto is the planet of generations, associated with the theme of transformations, changes and disasters. In conjunction with the Ascending Node, it makes the native a Phoenix bird capable of withstanding any test. Crises in the house where the aspect stands make it stronger, and the theme provides unlimited opportunities for implementation. The union of Pluto with the Descending Node gives a person tremendous inner strength to fight evil, but if he uses it for personal gain, destruction occurs in the house where the aspect is located.

The Karmic Impact of the Ascending and Descending Nodes Conjunction with Pluto

Any union with the lord of darkness in the horoscope speaks of karma and a special purpose. Such a person will not go unnoticed. The owners of the Pluto-North Node conjunction are gifted with a special magnetic effect on the crowd. If they have a strong Mercury, then it is enough for such a person to ascend the podium or stage and all eyes will be fixed on him.

It is believed that in a past life, the native endured various trials and humiliations, could not fulfill his destiny for some reason, possibly sacrificed himself for the sake of the family, but now he is capable of all ambitious goals. At the highest level of development, this is a wise politician and a sensitive strategist who feels the new trends of society with his skin and knows how to benefit for the benefit of everyone.

If he succumbs to the temptation of omnipotence, he will suffer from competition and hard undercover games, as happened with Marilyn Monroe, when she set out to become the first lady of the United States, and John F. Kennedy Jr., due to his abuse of power.

The owners of the connection of the Descending South Node with Pluto in a past life misused the power given to them, physical strength, intellect and even sexual potential, often using them for violence and tyranny. They come into this world with great power with a negative charge, so higher powers control their potential, blocking it, sometimes even through cancer, if a person turns onto the path of evil again.

The connection of the South Node with Pluto is with the Dalai Lama and was with Elvis Presley, who all his life was also interested in the existence of the soul after death and the search for higher meanings of being. Christopher Reeve, who played Superman in the movie, became a symbol of the heroic overcoming of an illness after he was paralyzed due to a fall from a horse, and an example for millions of desperate people.

The study of the connection of the Ascending and Descending nodes with Pluto goes through the setting and achievement of noble goals. It is necessary not only to become a star or a leader, but to serve society through this.

Effects of the Ascending Node Conjunction with Pluto

Such a connection implies unlimited power and influence in the areas of the house where it is located. If this is sector 1, a person can basically achieve anything he wants, but if he prefers an easy lifestyle, without taking responsibility, and an ostrich policy, such a force will destroy him from the inside.

In the case of Pluto, the circumstances themselves will develop in such a way that the native will literally be thrown out of a cozy bed into the cycle of events. It is easier for a man to cope with such a mission due to the inherent desire to dominate, but if the connection is in the 4th or 7th house, there is a high probability that without following his highest mission, he will turn into a domestic tyrant and jealous. A woman with this aspect also needs a spacious arena of action where she could apply her potential.

Ideally, these are the rulers of the country, who are constantly reconstructing and improving the living conditions in it. However, on a more mundane level, men and women with a Pluto-North Node conjunction should strive to become indispensable experts in their field of interest. There are no boundaries here: politics, art, esotericism, psychology, forensics, surgery, any business will become the calling of the native if he wishes, the main thing is not to abuse his power for selfish purposes.

Effects of the Descending Node Pluto Conjunction on Men and Women

This is a real temptation, because in the subconscious there is an experience of possessing power and manipulating the consciousness of millions of people, but the South Node prevents this from being used. There may be 2 options here:

  • the native easily comes to power, financial management, becomes a popular artist or singer and exploits his past experience;
  • the native is no longer interested in the external attributes of social success, he seeks in depth: the study of consciousness, the internal motivation of people, the foundations of the world order, questions of spirituality, life and death.

The South Node in conjunction with Pluto poses the same problems for men and women: curbing excessive sensuality and the desire for forbidden pleasures. In their subconscious, the traumas of the past are still alive, when they had to oppose strength to humiliation and bullying, and now they can be overly suspicious, jealous out of the blue, even realizing that it is empty.

The fear of humiliation and disappointment makes them control partners and every area of life. Life throws up trials, confronting cruelty and violence, and it depends only on the native which side to stay on. If he can overcome the admiration for death and the forces of evil, he will work out his karma. This is best done through literary and theatrical creativity, where you can transform into a negative character and safely lose the tendency to violence and destruction, as well as through cardio loads in sports.

Vasilisa Vishneva

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