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Ascending (or North) – Descending node conjunct Saturn

Any planet in conjunction with the lunar node concretizes the karmic issue. The North Ascending Node is connected with the future, which means that the native in the past incarnation lived nobly and correctly in the energies of that planet that stands nearby, and now he can freely receive benefits in the areas subject to it. However, there is a trap – insatiability in achieving these goals, which often develops into permissiveness. Connection with the South Descending Node, on the contrary, limits the freedom of manifestation of talent, although there is a subconscious understanding of how to put the natural gift into practice.

Saturn in conjunction with the Ascending Node Rahu removes restrictions on the house where it stands, endowing with a passionate desire to hone one’s skills. Union with Descending Rahu gives a tendency to solitude, prayer and asceticism. A person either suffers from depression and longing, or is independent of the material temptations of this world.

Karmic Influence of Saturn Conjunction with Ascending and Descending Nodes

Saturn itself is considered the planet of karma and requires a person to be especially aware and disciplined in his place of position. However, in conjunction with the North Node, it seems to turn a blind eye to the minor oversights of the ward, however, to the credit of the latter, abuse of office in this aspect is extremely rare. This is because in a past life such a person led a righteous lifestyle. He could be King Solomon, who comprehended the depths of wisdom, or simply a just believer who secretly helped the poor, while he himself led a modest lifestyle.

In this incarnation, higher powers gave him the opportunity to be free from any obstacles, or to become an example of how to overcome them honestly, without bribes and servility, take a high position and help people.

In a past life, such a person could also be a noble doctor, politician or scientist, and now he will probably want to continue the same activity, but already in comfortable conditions, receiving awards. It is also a sign of a passionate desire to increase the level of skill in creativity.

Saturn’s conjunction with the Descending South Node is a very complex aspect. The native develops his own norms of life and rules, but they may not at all coincide with the moral principles accepted in society. Most often, he brings them from a past life, where he was a zealous puritan who hated beautiful clothes, delicious food, holidays, children, laughter and joy. Perhaps his excessive severity brought a lot of grief and mental trauma to the people around him, he could be an inquisitor or just a domestic tyrant. In this incarnation, he will not be allowed to cause harm, but he himself subconsciously avoids people, goes headlong into work and what seems right to him. He may have problems with his father and relatives, up to a voluntary break with them.

The influence of Saturn’s conjunction with the Ascending Node on men and women

The north node is called the insatiable dragon head for a reason. Of course, it softens the negative manifestation of the planet, but it encourages you to crave perfection in any business. It seems to both a man and a woman that the shining peaks of success are always on the horizon, and what they have achieved so far is no longer necessary and uninteresting to anyone.

Representatives of the stronger sex feel more comfortable in such conditions, because it is common for a man to put career issues in the first place. He strives for new victories, sets brighter goals, but at the same time it is likely that a caring wife will be waiting at home with a delicious dinner.

However, for a girl, the connection of the Ascending Node with Saturn can be a strong test. She also wants to be a master of her craft, whether it be business, sports or art, but at the same time she may not have the strength and energy to create a family. Having become a successful lady and queen for everyone, the owner of the aspect suddenly realizes that this happened to the detriment of women’s happiness.

For example, if Rahu connects with Saturn in the 2nd or 4th house, then initially there may be a good start based on family capital, but then the desire for independence and a break with relatives. That is why the owners of the horoscope suffer from loneliness, since the main purpose of the aspect is to help them reach the level of the ruler. How harmoniously they combine this status with other areas of life depends on the manifestation of other planets, including the Moon and Venus.

The effect of the conjunction of the Descending Node with Saturn on men and women

The most difficult karmic task of the native also involves gaining independence, but not as a ruler, but as a sage, purifying his inner world from the distorted attitudes of the subconscious.

A woman with the conjunction of Saturn and Ketu, even with harmonious Venus and the Moon, feels like a Snow Maiden in the world of people. She has high moral standards, a strong desire to live the way she likes. She can consciously choose to serve the country or another family, giving up her personal life, but even if she has a husband and children, she needs solitude and a high goal of existence, otherwise, by old age, there is a risk of turning into an angry old woman, driving uninvited guests from the porch.

Men with a Saturn-Descent Node often volunteer to become monks, priests, or military mercenaries. They live like beans, often hate women, especially bright, sexy and liberated ones. The degree of asceticism, again, depends on other aspects, and with an abundance of positive configurations, it can be just irritation or moralizing, but if the Moon, Venus, Mars have many defeats, then a person literally flees from the earthly world to the one where he comfortable, whether it is a house in the village or a monastery. Literary creativity, the management of a theater or an art studio, where it is possible to create your own Universe, will help mitigate the impact of the aspect.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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