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Ascending node in the 7th house – Descending node in the 1st house. relationship karma

Karmic knots show with what baggage of the past a person came into this world and what he should strive for now in order to correct mistakes and reach a higher level. Descending Ketu (Southern) shows what to avoid. As a rule, in a past life, the native lived on the lower floor of this house and sign. Now he needs to develop the qualities of a higher plan and move with them to development along the Ascending Rahu (North Node).

The native has succeeded in full as an egocentric person and it is easier for him to live according to the old scenario, pulling the blanket over himself in all partnership matters. However, life sets the task differently: you need to give up leadership, learn to hear and understand loved ones, friends, even enemies, create a strong family.

Ascending node in the 7th house – Descending node in the 1st house and past incarnations

In previous incarnations, the owner of the horoscope was the sole ruler, the leader of the tribe or the king, the head of the family or the leader of a small group. One thing is clear – he made decisions based on his opinion about the world order and did not report to anyone but himself. It could hurt a lot of people. The man allowed himself to be loved, but did not attach deeply to anyone, which is confirmed in this incarnation:

  • enjoyment of freedom and independence, selfishness at a low level of development, confidence, determination and courage at the highest, but combined with low emotionality, with the exception of water signs and the Moon in any of the houses;
  • aversion to marriage as a social institution, focus on a career, unwillingness to delegate one’s powers;
  • inability to hear the interlocutor, the imposition of one’s will, the need to control others.

The memories of the privileges of a very important person still live in the subconscious, and now the person continues to behave as if everyone owes him, even if he has not yet deserved anything, especially in childhood.

Psychological problems Ascending node in the 7th house – Descending node in the 1st house

Men and women with the axis of nodes in the 1-7th house are obsessed with relationships, but the owners of Ketu in the 7th house do not even realize how much they are hooked on this topic. The habit of putting their own interests at the forefront gives the illusion of independence, but in fact, loneliness is unbearable for them, because leadership implies an enthusiastic environment and devoted love. Therefore, they are forced to play the role in which their husband or wife wants to see them, as well as business partners, but not the fact that they enjoy it. Like the owners of the Descending Node in the 7th house, it is difficult for them to be open in a relationship, they do not understand the desires and thoughts of a partner, since the main desire is to satisfy their needs in the 1st house.

In relations with enemies, much depends on the sign of the 7th sector and the presence of planets in it. If the position at home is weak, then the native will try to adapt to competitors, establish relative peace with them, or, instead of confrontation, fulfill all the requirements. With a strong sign and planets, he will attack first, in order to again secure the interests of his 1st house.

The owners of the horoscope are very selective in communication, and everyone who is not like them in terms of beliefs and tastes is instantly swept away into the camp of the enemy. Periods of loneliness are vital for the restoration of the nervous system, exhausted by the adjustment to other people.

Karmic tasks of the Ascending node in the 7th house – Descending node in the 1st house

A person needs to learn how to build relationships, remaining himself in his main values and beliefs, but not imposing them and not remaking other people. To accept loved ones as they are, without judgment and the desire to reprogram their behavior patterns, without being offended by criticism and advice from the outside, is perhaps the most difficult task of the karmic axis of 1-7 houses. It is very important to build a family on traditional values, to become, first of all, friends and associates who look in one direction and go towards common goals.

Working out the Ascending node in the 7th house – Descending node in the 1st house

The initially conscious choice of partners who coincide with the native in their biorhythms, habits, desires and intellect will help to facilitate the study of one’s karma. If a person is an “owl”, then a “lark” partner will infuriate him, and vice versa. A businessman husband with such a position of nodes will eventually be disgusted by a housewife wife, and a socialite will get tired of a homebody. You will also need to learn:

  • to insist on one’s own only in really important issues, in other moments to compromise;
  • understand that the partner does not deliberately do everything contrary, but he may have a different system of responding to the problem, based on life experience;
  • accept the fact that the other person is not obliged to conform to the scenario already formed in the head of the native;
  • listen without judgment, give gifts and attention from the bottom of your heart, give advice on building relationships, thus, you will be able to look at yourself from the outside.

To harmonize this axis of nodes, the development of the higher qualities of the sign of the 7th house will help a lot, but in any case, you need to be a kind and sympathetic person. Karma and vocation of the native in marriage, in unity with a partner, but without complete dissolution in him.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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