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Ascending node in 2nd house – Descending node in 8th house

The lunar nodes show the tasks to be striven for in order to avoid danger, poverty, and early death. All the celebrities who died at 37 (the age of knots return) lived against the demands of their karma. The ascending node (aka North, Rahu) shows those areas of activity in which you need to be realized before the age of 37, or at least starting from the age when a person learned about it.

Descending (South, Ketu) symbolizes a scenario familiar from a past life, where everything is easy for a person, but there is no development and happiness. You need to rely on this step, but strive to live according to Rahu. The ascending node in the 2nd house – The descending node in the 8th house bring problems with obtaining material wealth and do not allow you to calmly enjoy earthly pleasures, because in the past a person has suffered from a lot of money or was dependent on power structures. It is required to work out the fear of punishment and the habit of living at the expense of others.

Lunar nodes in the 2nd and 8th houses and past incarnations

The owners of the Descending Node in the 8th house in a past life actively used other people’s resources. This is not only money, but also talents, health, connections with high-ranking officials, thanks to which the native lived in a big way, but either was completely dependent and even slavery, or vice versa, used others in an unscrupulous way.

Something dark and mystical, trials and stress could be associated with money, therefore, in this life, a sense of guilt is acutely developed, associated with:

  • receiving gifts, high salaries and positions, inheritance;
  • keeping strangers and their secrets, they want to share joy with the whole world, but they are afraid of envy and the evil eye;
  • a manifestation of sexual attractiveness and an improvement in the standard of living due to this (especially pronounced in women whose past incarnations were similar to the life of Cleopatra, Mata Hari, Marilyn Monroe, when fame and fortune came because of sex appeal).

In this incarnation, you need to create your own value system and make prosperity the result of personal initiative.

Psychological problems with the Ascending node in the 2nd house – Descending node in the 8th house

The second house is not only money, but also life energy, libido, the ability to enjoy good relationships, love, delicious food and jewelry, and profit from everything you own. The disturbed balance threatens with greed and meager incomes. A person is waiting for a huge inheritance to fall on him from the sky, he feels that he deserves more, but does not want to work to take it.

Such people often live at the expense of parents and spouses according to the old scheme of the Descending Lunar Node in the 8th house. If in a past incarnation there were troubles and even death due to patronage and supply of other people’s resources, then there is an inner conviction that comfort and pleasure are dangerous.

Owners of nodes in the 2nd and 8th houses do not know how to demand decent wages, pleasant working and rest conditions for themselves. They can’t even imagine that a variant is possible when they feel good, and the other gave up his interests, but not because of the kindness of his soul, but out of fear of retribution. “If I win now, then I will feel bad,” they think and step aside.

Such people are afraid when they are loved or given gifts, they feel as if they have stolen it, and then a black streak will certainly begin. Hence the habit of doing small things, saving one’s energy. Owners of karmic knots in the 2nd and 8th houses will prefer to work for several hours near the house or remotely, for a penny, than to take risks and not sleep at night, preparing a large-scale project.

Karmic tasks at the Ascending node in the 2nd house – Descending node in the 8th house

The native should get rid of the fear of big money and believe that he is able to manage large financial flows without relying on other people, regardless of their opinion. You need to learn to believe in yourself and your talents, allow yourself to rejoice and accept the gifts of fate, be it someone’s favor, compliments, friendship or gifts for no reason.

We will have to give up the dream that the prince will come on a white horse and solve all the problems, and the aunt from Brazil will leave an inheritance. Only personal initiative, courage and confidence will bring prosperity and an abundance of opportunities. You can’t live at someone else’s expense; in terms of making money, it’s better to be a leader. You can work with other people’s resources if you do not become dependent on them and receive mutually beneficial profits, for example, to be a producer or financial consultant.

Working through the problems of the Ascending Node in the 2nd house and the Descending Node in the 8th house

The key to working the knots in the 2nd and 8th houses is to get motivated. Most often, the native simply does not understand why he should suffer for the sake of this position or relationship with a rich and famous partner, or he is terribly afraid of not being able to cope with a new standard of living, having got used to the small.

Higher forces always give the owners of the Ascending Node in the 2nd house the opportunity to become the master of their lives through stressful situations, for example, when the family goes bankrupt and responsibility for everyone falls on the shoulders of the native. Sudden dismissal is not a crisis, but an opportunity to open your own business and get rich.

To harmonize the axis of the Ascending Node in the 2nd house and the Descending Node in the 8th house, it is important:

  • believe in yourself, develop your talents and increase your energy level;
  • provide yourself and your loved ones with a prosperous lifestyle, beautifully furnish the house, fill the refrigerator with delicious quality products, but do not spend money on trifles;
  • pay taxes, alimony, always repay debts and not borrow large sums.

To harmonize the 2nd and 8th Nodes of the Moon, it is very important to be honest, earn money by your own work, and if other people help in achieving the goal, always give them a return gift, whether it be material or spiritual support.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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