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Trigon Ascending (Descending) Node – Selena: under the wing of angels

The difference between a trine of fictitious points, such as Selena or Lilith , with lunar nodes from aspects with planets is that they increase the importance of the karmic task and emphasize what qualities are vital to develop along the Ascending line or use selflessly to serve the world in the Descending area.

Selena – the White Moon, the guardian angel of the horoscope, is still not infinitely merciful. Every 7 years a person is tested for compliance with the good karma accumulated in the past, which does not exclude trials. It is especially important to go through them during the period of the return of the nodes, when you can expect both rewards for good deeds and retribution for evil deeds. The truth and the trigon of the White Moon with knots is rare and only among the people chosen from above.

Selene Trine Karma with Ascending (Descending) Nodes

Being the antipode of Lilith, Selena leads and directs a person on a bright path, helping not to stray from it. Trine is the strongest favorable aspect that helps to fulfill all dreams and plans. Accordingly, the good deeds of the native will receive support from above, but only if they bring benefits and good not only to him personally, but also to other people. For example, if Selena or one of the nodes is in the 2nd house, the work and money of the native should help others to gain material well-being. His business feeds not only the person himself and those close to him, but gives many people the opportunity to earn money and provide for their relatives. The principle of service in any of the houses affected by the trine is present more than ever brightly and strongly.

Without it, the influence of Selena is felt simply as a protection or blocking of the base and evil intentions of the person himself. Whether he will continue the accumulation of good karma of his kind depends on the position of Lilith and her aspects. Perhaps in this incarnation, the native, on the contrary, will try to know the dark side, and the White Moon will protect him from danger and destruction, so that, having satisfied his curiosity, the person will return to the path of good again.

The trigon of Selena with the Ascending Node encourages you to shine and selflessly return good for evil, at least in the affairs of houses affected by the aspect. It is not so easy, because the higher forces often test the strength of this intention with various painful events. You need to be an example of nobility and generosity, but such a reputation and deeds bring prosperity and well-being to the native himself as well. By giving, he receives, and this is not forbidden.

The situation is slightly different for the owners of the Selena trine with the Descending Node. Everything is easy for them, but it’s worth clinging to the fear of losing or starting to save money for a rainy day (2nd and 8th houses), being jealous and limiting the partner’s freedom (5th and 7th houses), as all blessings and luck crumble to dust. You can use them only if you understand that they are the result of past piety, and not lifelong property.

Features of the Selene Trine with the Descending Node

An interesting situation is emerging here: on the one hand, the aspect blocks the bad intentions of other people in relation to the native, when the negative literally flies away from the invisible shield back to the spiteful critics, on the other hand, it does not prevent a person from expressing and organizing bad events and emotions. It begins to seem to the native that he can do whatever his soul desires, without holding back in emotions, but every 7 years Selena returns to him what he has done. Due to the aspect with the Descending Node, this is much tougher than the owners of the trine with the North Node.

If a person does not catch this pattern at the age of 14, at 21 it is advisable for him to analyze the situation with an astrologer. It is necessary to show the qualities of the White Moon: mercy, service, adherence to the 10 commandments and selflessness in the affairs of houses and, accordingly, signs (there may be more than one within one sector), where Selena and the Descending Node stand. The main thing is to independently work through any negativity, even if it is a desire to yell at someone or throw a tantrum, transforming darkness into acceptance and forgiveness.

Features of the Selene Trine with the Ascending Node

The White Moon patronizes the native in the fulfillment of his destiny. When analyzing the map, you need to determine your calling by the symbolism of the house and the sign of the North Node, and then, using the same parameters of Selena, understand what tools to achieve this, and for the benefit of other people.

As a rule, creativity acts as a magic wand here, as, for example, in John Lennon, Paul McCartney, A. Tolstoy, Yu. Nikulin, A. Raikin. Politics is also a tool: examples are Bismarck, Kerensky. The latter cannot be called a model of piety, but Selena does not mean the holiness of the ward. Its peculiarity is that the native believes in the truth of his vocation and in favor of his actions.

It is very important to be flexible in relation to social currents and current trends, as well as to change along with the demands of society. If the native is a retrograde, then development along the North Node will not happen. Selena supports him at sharp turns of fate, but does not accept conservatism and stagnation.

It is best when a person’s personal ideals coincide with social needs. It was on this wave that the Beatles took off, hitting the right energy jet. As a rule, the trine Selene – Ascending node promises popularity to the native if he manages to believe in his uniqueness.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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