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Trine Ascending (Descending) Node – Jupiter: the energy of prosperity

The trigon of a social planet with lunar nodes is a gift of fate. This beneficial energy helps to easily find a high-ranking position, get a prestigious education and even get rich without having wealthy relatives at the start. However, all this requires continuous learning and self-development. The reverse side of the benefactor of Jupiter is laziness and squandering.

They are especially susceptible to the owners of the trine with the Descending (South) node, symbolizing the usual patterns of human behavior that have developed as a result of tribal experience in the affairs of the house and the sign where this node stands. They are easily given money and popularity.

The trine of Jupiter with the Ascending (North) Node is a sign of noble origin and an important mission, but the native also needs to strive not to appear, but to be a unique expert in his field, to bring the light of enlightenment to the world and become an example of true nobility. Honor must be earned.

Jupiter Trine Karma with Descending (Ascending) Nodes

Such aspects are a sure sign of good karma accumulated in a past life. Jupiter sends its energy of abundance to those areas where the lunar nodes stand, attracting wealth and good luck. The only difference is that if this is a trine with the South Node, you can rest on your laurels for up to 30 years, and then, without new experience in the opposite sector, you can easily lose social influence and people’s trust.

In a past life, a person has already enjoyed the benefits of a rich and carefree life, now he has to do something useful with the help of the past ability to live in financial prosperity and the confidence that the world will take care of everything. These are real coaches who know how to motivate for success.

Representatives of the trine of Jupiter with the Ascending (Northern) Node in the past also occupied a high position in society and proved to be noble and caring teachers, leaders or masters, if we are talking, for example, about the 18-19 centuries, when thousands of wards depended on the master. The owners of the aspect, as well as their ancestors, carried out such useful educational activities that in the present incarnation they were given the opportunity to change the world for the better, increasing the level of well-being and knowledge of those around them. It is under this mission that money comes to them and acquaintances with famous and significant people happen.

It is important to find ancestors in their family who were the most successful and financially secure with an active social life. The position of the nodes will show which of their mistakes should never be repeated, and vice versa, to adopt, such as profession, education or tactics for overcoming obstacles.

Features of Jupiter Trine with Descending Node

There are two options: the native is born with a golden spoon in his mouth due to his parents’ belonging to high society, or he has a natural understanding of how to think and act in such a way as to attract the energy of abundance like a magnet.

One thing is for sure: thanks to the Jupiter-South Node trine, the native will never be left without money, even if he spends every penny. The problem is that he realizes this very early. They can approach him on the street and offer a profitable business or simply donate money. Teachers and patrons favor, in the first years at work they give gifts and bonuses. This creates a feeling of a minion of fate, which you can not strain, because you are always lucky anyway. However, without spiritual growth and special education, the success of a native is like a colossus with feet of clay.

It is important to remember that luck and easy money will also accompany the affairs of the North Node, where it is necessary to apply the Jupiterian developments of the past: teach, motivate, inspire, be an example of generosity and nobility.

Without self-improvement and self-education, the native may not achieve anything at all and will lie like Oblomov on the couch, but in abundance and comfort, which his ancestors created.

Features of Jupiter Trine with Ascending Node

This is the path of a spiritual teacher, which certainly does not exclude the joy of wealth, good health and happy accidents. They occur in life all the time, from the age of 12 (the moment Jupiter was activated).

The goal is to lead a person to the path of his destiny. It does not mean going to a monastery or missionary work. It is much more important to teach people optimism all your life, the ability to find joy in simple things and achieve goals despite obstacles. The path of the North Node is never too easy, and even despite Jupiterian support, to advance in a career, a native will need knowledge, including etiquette and foreign languages, respect for the culture of other countries, but most importantly, higher education.

When choosing a profession, it is important to analyze the element of the sign where Jupiter stands. Air gives the talent of a teacher, journalist, the ability to understand information and computer technologies, fire – a politician and a public figure, water – an intuitive, healer, priest, psychologist, earth – a financier, accountant. Also of great importance is the house where Jupiter is located. He sends his energy to the Ascending Node and it turns out that it pulls the entire natal chart up with it. It is very important to be realized in the field of affairs of this sector and to benefit people in this way. This will help the development of talents for the sextile of Jupiter with the Descending Node.

Vasilisa Vishneva

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