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Ascending (or North) – Descending node in conjunction with the Sun

Planets next to the lunar nodes have a special effect on fate. Southern Ketu denotes the accumulated baggage of karma, on which a person can rely, but one must strive to live according to Northern Rahu, which is always directed to the future. Accordingly, the planet next to the first Descending Node will be limited in its manifestation, while connecting with the Ascending, it will acquire unlimited possibilities. Although not everything is so simple.

Rahu is symbolically drawn as the insatiable head of a dragon. By itself, it does not turn on, being a fictitious point, but the planet next to it becomes a conductor of this energy. The sun in such a union is like a ring of omnipotence. A person in this incarnation can do his will, regardless of the consequences, and nothing will stop him. The combination with Ketu, on the contrary, suppresses any manifestations of the ego, and the person thinks that fate is punishing him.

Karmic influence of the conjunction of the Sun with the Ascending – Descending Nodes

Such a position of the luminary implies a birth in an eclipse, and this affects all life. The sun is our strength, will, we are as a person. Connecting with the North Node of Karma, it gives the feeling of the emperor of the world.

As a rule, such people become famous, only fame can be both good and evil. Much in the behavior of the native depends on the level of his awareness and the power of the Sun, because one plays by the rules of the universe, nobly and sincerely wanting to improve it, and the second follows the lead of the ego, realizing early on his impunity. And in the second case, there will definitely be victims, which means that the karmic wheel will spin again. Retribution will be inevitable, but it will manifest itself differently in a man and a woman.

On the other hand, noble deeds and the pursuit of a goal with respect for other people are always rewarded with a high position in society and bring wealth.

The connection of the Sun with the Descending Node in the horoscope initially limits the manifestation of a person in society, but it is all the more important to work on the highest floor of the luminary according to his house and sign. Otherwise, the native will simply not be noticed, and any of his desires to come out of the shadows onto the stage, to declare himself, to achieve the admiration of the public will be fulfilled through the thorns of failures and rejections.

This is also the result of karma. In a past life, the owner of the aspect interfered with the self-development of loved ones, now he needs to pass the same tests. On the other hand, overcoming constant obstacles and blows of fate encourage the native to engage in spiritual and psychological practices in order to understand the causes of problems. Subsequently, he can help other people get out of the labyrinth of problems and crises, as well as become popular and successful through humility and constant development in the house of the Sun.

Sun conjunct the ascending node for men and women

The North Node (Rahu) endlessly encourages the ambitious aspirations of a man. This is a born leader who is allowed to walk over heads with impunity, violate any rules and laws, make revolutionary coups, and at the same time not a single hair will fall from his head, even if he leads the troops into an attack or comes to an appointment with the president without an appointment.

He is free to become a just ruler, a star that will draw attention to the problems of society and help solve them, turning his glory for good, or he can become an impudent businessman, annoying those around him with his incomprehensible luck, but no one will be able to stop him. Good luck will be with him until the end of his life. Such a man is very attractive to the opposite sex.

A woman with a conjunction of the Sun and the Ascending Node has a different fate. Until the age of 40, she bathes in attention, sincerely considering herself a darling of fate. Probably early fame as an actress Brooke Shields, who became famous at the age of 11, though with a hint of a slight scandal and provocation of society. It is better to get married at the peak of popularity, because after 40 years the harvest of the fruits of karma begins for the permissiveness of the past and Cinderella’s carriage turns into a pumpkin. Balance between career and family is important.

Sun conjunct the Descending Node in women and men

The peculiarity of the aspect is that it will not allow a person to commit selfish actions to the detriment of others, strangers and relatives. The native is perplexed why everyone can, and a boomerang immediately flies to me for the slightest deviation from the commandments. A man with the Sun conjunct the South Node will not be able to kill a person or steal something. He simply will not be allowed to do this from above, unless he protects his family from a maniac, and his homeland from the enemy, or the stolen bread will be the salvation of the starving. There is no selfishness here. If he devotes his life to solving other people’s problems and selflessly helping others in the topic of the house where Ketu and the Sun stand, then no troubles will touch him – the mission will protect.

A woman with the connection of the Sun and the Descending Node is considered a patient quiet person for the first part of her life. She is used, she helps the opposite sex to the detriment of herself, suffers from conflicts with her father and husband. Trying to win something for yourself attracts even more trials. However, after 40 years, she will understand how well her fate has developed in comparison with others, if she learns to achieve her softness and heart-to-heart negotiations, and not scandals.

Both men and women with the connection of the Sun with the South Node may have problems with conception until they begin to engage in creativity or teach, giving inner light and accumulated experience to the world, unloading karma. They can be expelled from society and the country, like director Roman Polanski with the conjunction of the Sun and Ketu in the 8th house, for violation of decency and scandal, not even directly related to the native, in the case of Polanski, the ritual murder of his wife by sectarians. The way out is to always give more than you receive from the world, and live according to your conscience.

Vasilisa Vishneva

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