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Ascending node in the 5th house – Descending node in the 11th house. Karma of love and creativity

The northern lunar node (Rahu) begins its ascent in the natal chart, showing in which area of affairs, according to the position in the house, the native needs to be realized in this life. The South Node (Ketu) is called the descending node because it indicates activities and patterns of behavior that have already exhausted themselves. It is painted, as a rule, in dark colors, that is, the owner of the horoscope made mistakes, or misused his abilities, and now they need to be corrected with the help of the possibilities of Rahu’s house. At the same time, one cannot completely deny the experience of Ketu, but apply it for good, and not for harm. If he is in the 11th sector, you need to learn to be a bright creative individual, a star, and not hide behind the backs of team members, and sometimes even oppose your unique path to general ideas of happiness.

Lunar nodes in the 5th and 11th houses and past incarnations

In a previous incarnation, a person was afraid to express his individuality, dissolved in the requirements of society or acted in its interests, forgetting about himself. Because of the commitment to high ideas, the pleasure of creative pursuits, love, perhaps had to be abandoned, the right to have children, or did not have a chance to devote much time to them.

This aspect occurs in people who in the past served the ideas of world revolutions, itinerant philosophers, Freemasons, even artists, in the case when their talent served the interests of a certain social circle, but did not bring them personal happiness.

The descending node in the 11th house will still remind of itself through:

  • the desire to serve a lofty idea and the feeling that it is a sin to single-handedly possess applause and ignite enthusiasm in the eyes of the audience;
  • a feeling of guilt when a nice person reciprocates, a feeling that the family is depriving something important;
  • fear of attachment to one partner, which is expressed through numerous, but short-term love affairs, abortions, so that children are not limited in their careers ahead of time.

The highest value of the native is freedom, but one must learn to acquire it together with someone, and not be a “tumbleweed” without a family, as in a previous incarnation.

Psychological problems with the Ascending node in the 5th house – Descending node in the 11th house

It is believed that the axis of 5-11 houses is the simplest for working out and practical self-realization according to Rahu. However, not everything is so clear. Themes of love, children, creativity are very painful. The native worries about whether his child will be healthy and gifted, whether he can still be a useful and sought-after person after childbirth, whether society will accept his work or whether he will remain one of many.

The main enemy of the Ascending Node in the 5th house is stress. However, without suffering and experiences it is impossible to create beautiful works that touch the soul, and it is also impossible to understand the happiness of mutual love without experiencing disappointments. Men and women with a North Node in the 5th house and a South Node in the 11th house often replace friendship with love. It is enough for them if there is sexual harmony and easy friendly relations with a partner, and deeper feelings cause fear of losing their freedom, becoming dependent and ordinary.

For the sake of friends, in principle, they are ready for anything, but here the restriction of the Descending Node in the 11th house comes into force: you cannot dissolve in partnership of any kind, it is important to create and protect personal happiness. The native is torn between the desire to be himself, to create something new, and the habit of playing roles approved by society. It will be especially difficult if he falls in love with a person who does not fit into his social circle.

Karmic tasks at the Ascending node in the 5th house – Descending node in the 11th house

In this incarnation, the native needs to avoid revolutions and any mass social movements. Working out a karmic program in general terms is very pleasant: to love and appreciate yourself, to be a creator and a star that attracts attention and warms those around you. You need to focus on creating a strong, yet passionate relationship, without making high demands on a partner, and enjoy spending time with children, you can even make a career as a child psychologist, early development center teacher, head of the Youth Theater or a travesty actor. The direction will tell the sign of the 5th house. If he is in Leo, then holidays and public speaking are indispensable.

Dealing with Ascending Node in the 5th House – Descending Node in the 11th House

Since in the past the native lived for the interests of other people and did not really care about his personal life, now there is a chance to fix everything. Points of growth in topics that cause fear – competition, parenting, romance. Despite the fact that building personal relationships for a person is a Chinese letter, he will be lucky in this, unless the 5th house has tense aspects with personal planets. However, this is all the more telling. It means that in the past there were problems with love relationships and now we need to resolve this issue in a positive way. Difficulties with conception can be harmonized by unlocking the potential of the 5th sector to the maximum. If he is in Leo – to play in the theater, organize children’s matinees, in Capricorn – to manage a creative center or kindergarten, school, studio. You can not choose only friendship at the expense of the family and vice versa. It’s important to keep a balance. You can’t sit in the shade. Fate requires the native to kindle his Sun qualitatively.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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