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Ascending node in the 6th house – Descending node in the 12th house. Labor karma

Karmic knots show where to move in this life and what to avoid. The Southern Descending (Ketu) symbolizes the mistakes of the past incarnation. The house and the sign of its position will tell you what exactly the native was doing on its lower floor and should not repeat now. North Rising (Rahu) – a hint for the fulfillment of the destiny. It should not be confused with the Meridian of the middle of the sky in the 10th house, which speaks mainly of a professional purpose, and Rahu of the karmic task of life in general.

If he is in the 6th house, and Ketu is in the 12th, then the soul has chosen a difficult path. In the past, the native sought secret knowledge, and this may have brought a lot of trouble to him and others. Now, the working out of karma goes through mundane handicraft work, practice of any nature, material assistance to those in need, care for the elderly and animals.

Lunar nodes in the 6th and 12th houses and past incarnations

In a past life, a person was a seeker of secret knowledge and probably belonged to an elite secret society. He could be a hermit monk, but of high rank, for whom other novices do the hard work, or he could be the abbot, scientist, freemason, gray cardinal and privy councilor of kings, as well as a doctor fleeing the Inquisition. Given the dark color of the Descending Node in the 12th house, it is possible that he himself was a witch hunter. There are common features of the influence of past incarnations on the life of the native in this incarnation:

  • aversion to routine duties, expectation that someone will come and do the hard work;
  • painful experience of even minor injuries and cuts, not to mention mental upheavals;
  • desire for loneliness, feeling like a chosen person, far from the rough and material world;
  • deep interest in esotericism, magic, cemeteries, dungeons, spells, secret knowledge that gives power over others.

The native often indulges in melancholy and despondency, meanwhile, the cure for internal ordeals lies in the sphere of the 6th house. This is helping others.

Psychological problems with the Ascending node in the 6th house – Descending node in the 12th house

Karmic knots of this level require a person to tirelessly work on himself and the space around him. Without elaboration, it turns out that chaos reigns at home, chaos reigns in the head and on the desktop, and men and women with the North Node in the 6th house and the South in the 12th see signs from above and the secret machinations of enemies in everything. If they are fired from work, then of course, the intrigues and the envious from the neighboring department are to blame, and not their lateness due to the fact that a black cat crosses the road or a neighbor with an empty bucket. They are well versed in signs and often read love spells. Among the chaos they are accustomed to and the constant existence of two worlds: material due to the fact that they need to somehow feed themselves, and fantasy, it is very difficult to reach the meaning of Rahu in the 6th house – routine daily work for the common good.

Surprisingly, it is very easy for a native to find a job. He is immediately taken after the interview, but it is difficult to stay in a new position. A person is rarely satisfied with the conditions, he is annoyed if he is asked to stay longer than expected or to perform duties that are not agreed in advance. Aware of his luck in finding a job, he quickly breaks up with his previous employer and goes to a new job, but history repeats itself.

With Ketu in the 12th house, the owner of the horoscope dreams of freelancing, but disorganization and laziness interfere. However, remote work in the field of esotericism, for example, the content manager of an astrology website or the operator of a psychological help call center, is quite suitable for him.

Karmic tasks with the Ascending Node in the 6th house and the Descending Node in the 12th house

In the life of a native, karmic tasks will always be associated with two topics – work and health. It is noteworthy that the native himself is naturally endowed with physical strength and endurance, just to fulfill the requirements of Rahu in the 6th house, but the topics of treatment may arise along the line of his professional implementation.

The position of a nurse is ideal when you can show care, responsibility and work hard on a clear schedule, but this does not mean that the career of a doctor is prohibited, it just needs to be an actively practicing specialist, and not a theoretician, although it is better to leave the position of head physician to others.

The main karmic task now is to ground yourself and not fly away to the subtle worlds. Alternative medicine is perfect – acupuncture, reflexology, herbal medicine.

If the 12th house is burdened with negative aspects, then it is better to work as a service staff and a mid-level employee: to be an accountant, an office manager, you can choose working specialties: carpenter, turner, locksmith. If there are no bad aspects to Mars and Pluto from the 6th house, it is good to be a veterinarian.

Working out problems with the Ascending Node in the 6th house and the Descending Node in the 12th house

The task of the native is to become a master of his craft by choosing a specific applied niche. You need to learn true humility: to forgive enemies, to serve people, bringing maximum benefit, to fulfill orders and requests from superiors and employees. In a past life, the native ignored the material side of life, shifting boring responsibilities to others.

Now you need to take on household responsibilities for cleaning and coziness, buying products, as well as solving customer problems, helping them fulfill their dreams, being an example of a self-made master. It is very good to have a pet, according to the sign of the 6th house. This will be a certain grounding, so as not to fly away into ethereal fantasies, to be fed with positive energy.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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