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Ascending node in the 8th house – Descending node in the 2nd house. Owner’s Karma

Ascending North Node , otherwise called Rahu, shows the main karmic task for this incarnation, and the Descending South Node, Ketu, symbolizes the mistakes of the past, where a person is attracted again and again as to habitual behavior and way of life. To move on to the realization of your destiny, you must first cultivate in yourself the best qualities of the house and the sign where Ketu stands, and only then go to the highest floor of Rahu.

Owners of the Ascending Node in the 8th house dream of possessing material and spiritual treasures, but at a low level of development they cannot overcome inner greed and open up to the flow of abundance, because of which the owners of real estate, factories and steamboats suffer and envy. Their Achilles heel is sexual energy. It is most often suppressed and hidden by true desires, which triggers various diseases.

Lunar nodes in 2-8 houses and past incarnations

In past incarnations, the native was the owner of that little thing that helped to feel material stability, while probably violating the boundaries and interests of other people. Trying to keep his own, inflicted damage on someone else. It could also be life during wars, catastrophes, contagious epidemics, when people were forced to keep their property at all costs, to hide even a small thing in order to save their families.

Solving these problems, a man with a Descending Node in the 2nd house discovered in himself a dark but powerful force for transforming reality, and a woman, most likely, paid for material well-being with sexual relationships or entered into them in exchange for security, but they still did not have much wealth. received.

In this life, they incredibly want to finally become the owners of large investment accounts, luxury real estate, or find a truly rich and powerful partner, so they continue to violate the boundaries of other people, treat members of their social circles down, believing that in a past incarnation they deserved and suffered a radically different standard of living.

Psychological problems Ascending node in the 8th house – Descending node in the 2nd house

The owner of the horoscope has a truly Scorpio insight and a hypnotic effect on a lot of people. This can really provide him with the chic lifestyle that he aspires to, but only when working through the fears and complexes of the Descending Node in the 2nd house. It is constantly turned on when necessary for large purchases, expenses, expenses.

While the native manages the money of a company or another person, helping to sell real estate, for example, he feels like a master of finances, but when he takes money from his savings, he is tormented by fear. He is afraid to give away, to spend a lot of money on gifts, on creating beauty and comfort around him, saving for a rainy day. From these contradictions and fear of the sole possession of a large amount of money, the owner of the Ascending Node in the 8th house escapes into spirituality and esotericism, sometimes slipping into the denial of monetary energy. First of all, it is important to be a believer, a mystic, a creator, and the material is secondary, he believes, although in reality this is just an excuse for the fear of loss along the Descending 2 node.

The second painful issue for the native is sex. From a past life, he took out a not too pleasant experience in this area, when he was used or ashamed for such desires, and now it is difficult for him to trust a partner and enjoy the embodiment of his fantasies. Meanwhile, the level of material well-being will be equal to the manifested sexual energy and satisfaction. Ideally, you need to find a partner with whom you can push the boundaries together in both sex and financial matters.

Karmic tasks at the Ascending node in the 8th house – Descending node in the 2nd house

The native will have to survive the death of his ego and be reborn for a life on a grand scale, but not to squander, but to generously give the world himself, his talents, finances, care and love, so that it brings good and benefit to other people.

The most important thing is to stop being the owner of anything, to let go in order to get more. Without this skill, any purchases and large acquisitions will bring only short-term pleasure, just as sexual relationships with different partners will not satisfy the need for deep feeling.

Working out the ascending node in the 8th house – the descending node in the 2nd house

The theme of death and the other world always occupies a person with this axis of nodes. If he persists in outdated and limiting patterns of 2nd house behavior, he is indeed facing extremely dangerous situations. Need to learn:

  • manage financial flows, but not become attached to money, property and things, perceive any replenishment of the budget as a temporary investment in one’s self-development;
  • be rich according to the Kiyosaki system: invest and live on passive income, even if you have to be content with little at first;
  • perceive sex as a way of transforming the soul and understanding the world of another person;
  • understand other people’s value systems;
  • study the spiritual laws of the abundance of the universe and strive to be not a doer, but a leader.

With the North Node in the 8th house, you can live at the expense of partners, spouses, parents, take loans from the bank, but this money needs to be multiplied, and not thoughtlessly spent on pleasure, or used for personal self-development, in order to eventually become an influential person.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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