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Ascending Node in Aries – Descending Node in Libra. The path of the leader

Lunar karmic nodes show, on the one hand, the experience of past lives, on the other hand, the highest level, which is important to move to already in this incarnation. The ascending, also known as the North, node of Rahu calls the soul to experience a new experience, but taking into account the accumulated knowledge and feelings along the line of the Descending, South Ketu. There will always be a temptation to follow the old beaten path, but if there is a feeling that again and again the same rake hits the forehead painfully, then the person is far from karmic tasks.

The signs where the nodes are located will show under what circumstances development will take place.

If the Ascending Node is in Aries, the native will have to learn to be a leader, not to act jointly with partners, as he is used to, but decisively, taking responsibility, including for the well-being of others, upon himself. The most important thing is not to dissolve in the opinions of other people and not look back at someone else’s condemnation, following a dream.

Past Lives with Descending Node in Libra

In the previous incarnation, the native was a diplomat and a peacemaker, sometimes to the detriment of his interests, mental comfort and health. If even now he begins to adapt to others, life will hurt him so that he will definitely learn to take care of his own personality.

In the past, the native sacrificed a lot, but did not receive a worthy reward. In many ways, this is his fault, because due to the subtlety of nature, he simply could not demand something for himself, fearing to infringe on the interests of others. In this reincarnation, the grievances of the past are re-lived, when the best years of life, talents and love were sacrificed, but others took it for granted.

This is especially acute for women who in a past life refused marriage for love, from fame and the disclosure of their gift to please a man. In this incarnation, there may be relationship problems in the form of unconscious protest and fear, or vice versa, the desire to please the chosen one again at all costs. Representatives of the stronger sex are able to resolve conflicts peacefully, but in their personal lives they cannot make a decision if it hurts another person, preferring to live in two families, but not to reveal the truth.

Developments and warnings of the descending node in Libra

At first glance, a useful and necessary ability to reconcile the warring parties, find a compromise, be in harmony with others, is not so harmless. A painful need lives in the soul of the owner of the horoscope:

  • in the approval of his actions by other people, without which he has no motivation to act;
  • in constant adjustment to other people’s interests and desires to the detriment of oneself;
  • in the external social mask of a kind and sweet person, without the right to anger, anger and refusal.

A person wants to be liked by everyone and he is very worried if someone criticizes him, says words behind his back that do not correspond to the truth, or simply feels antipathy towards him. If Venus and the Moon are afflicted in the horoscope, then the native becomes depressed and simply unable to act and achieve what he wants until he is convinced that everyone is delighted with his plan.

The main problem is the lack of confidence in one’s own rightness, as well as in the need to sacrifice one’s desires for the sake of someone. Sometimes a person himself does not understand why out of habit he does this.

Ascending Node Destiny in Aries

The karmic task is to be a leader, to actively manifest oneself, to lead, inspire, unite and make people your supporters, and not to become a member of someone’s retinue yourself. It is necessary to choose the path of the hero and follow it towards the desired goals, but do not forget about the karma of the Descending Node in Libra, that is, intentions must be environmentally friendly and not harm people and the world.

This is where the trap lies, because if a native dreams of becoming the first in sports, business or politics, he will definitely infringe on the interests of others. That is why the owners of the Ascending Node in Aries are afraid of the first places in school olympiads and competitions, feel guilty if they entered the institute, and their friends failed, and prefer a safe golden mean.

It is important to remember that harm is intentional meanness, and not a fair victory, thanks to one’s personal talents.

The loss of initiative, determination, courage affects the quality of life, includes the habit of being content with little, and destroys health.

How to do the tasks of the Ascending Node in Aries – Descending Node in Libra

A person cannot hide behind someone else’s back, but for this you need to allow yourself to make mistakes, making independent decisions. The ruler of Aries is Mars, so you need to strengthen it according to its position in one sign or another. If the red planet is in the element of fire, then it will be easier to follow the call of Rahu. It is much more difficult for the owners of Mars in the signs of water and air, here you will have to work with a psychologist, as well as turn on the necessary energy through certain actions:

  • to engage in martial arts, aikido is ideal, where his own attacking power is used against the enemy, which corresponds to the astrological principle of the Aries-Libra axis, as well as non-team sports, where victory goes to the most worthy: karate, tennis, fencing;
  • openly and without hesitation to declare their desires, take the initiative, be the first to answer questions, submit applications for leadership, boldly speak with superiors;
  • be inspired by other people’s exploits through adventure novels and films, you can choose a role-playing role and follow it;
  • regularly eat hot food and drinks, spices and hot peppers (if there are no medical contraindications), wear red clothes (if Mars is not affected by many negative aspects).

Examples of people with an Ascending Node in Aries: B. Yeltsin, M. Gorbachev, V. Mayakovsky, Z. Freud, A. Pugacheva, Yu. Kuklachev.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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