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Ascending Node in Scorpio – Descending Node in Taurus. The path of the seeker of truth

The lunar nodes show a worked out karmic program and a new path, where the soul has not yet had experience, but it is in this area that it is necessary to develop. The ascending North Node calls to unknown distances, and the Descending South Node promises a pleasant-looking descent into the habitual habitat of a past life. In Vedic astrology, they are indicated by the head and tail of the dragon: Rahu and Ketu. It will not be easy anywhere, but following the program of the Ascending Node, a person works out his karma.

The main thing is not to forget to take the talents and skills of the Descending South. If he is in Taurus, the native will have to give up philistine comfort, inertia, materialistic views of the world and fall into the rabbit hole of self-knowledge, the study of the labyrinths of the mind, psychology, esotericism, magic, neurolinguistic programming. He will have to discover another world, not excluding the shadow sides of those areas for which the house of Rahu is responsible.

Past Lives with Descending Node in Taurus

The native could be a pampered Oblomov or an enterprising businessman, but in any case, he was used to clinging to money as an important guarantor of the comfort he loved. There was probably no shortage of good wine, food, fine clothing, and personal possessions extended beyond private property. However, this does not mean that everything was easy for the native. Whether a prosperous peasant or a successful merchant of the first guild, he worked hard and earned his wealth through honest labor. If the horoscope has many negative aspects to the house of Ketu, or if Saturn is there, then wealth was definitely not easy or it was taken away, for example, during dispossession, and now you need to learn how to resist enemies, calculating their intentions through intuition, astrological forecasts or Tarot.

When aspected positively, a native with a Scorpio Rising Node has the ability to make money and be a magnet for jewelry, real estate, paintings, designer furniture and clothing, even in the form of gifts and sponsorships. Especially if he wants it very much and unconsciously uses the magic of Scorpio.

Developments and dangers of the Descending Node in Taurus

Gluttony and excessive self-indulgence, on the one hand, bring satisfaction of all basic needs into a person’s life, on the other hand, they awaken not the best qualities of Taurus: greed, money-grubbing, gluttony, which leads to the complete destruction of the personality through the sphere of position of the Ascending Node in Scorpio.

At the beginning of life, the native sincerely believes that the possession of this or that thing will bring him happiness and wonders why the pleasure is so fleeting and literally immediately a new “Wishlist” appears. If he follows the old path of Ketu in Taurus, then he resembles a donkey running after a carrot with blinkers on his eyes. At the same time, he is still so stubborn that for a long time he does not want to believe in the relationship of the material world with the spiritual, that most of the difficulties in life were created by him through the beliefs of the subconscious.

The holders of the South Node in Taurus are very loyal to the ancestral system and few of them can give up the beliefs and beliefs of their ancestors, especially when it is in the 4th or 10th house.

The positive qualities of Ketu that will help to cope with the complex energy of Scorpio: poise, practicality, the ability to see and appreciate the beautiful, as well as the ability to create a good financial base for yourself in order to calmly immerse yourself in the battles of Rahu in Scorpio for justice, the search for truth and self-knowledge for spiritual growth.

Destiny with Rising Node in Scorpio

A person comes into this world to go from a sensual layman to a fiery seeker of truth. Since strong clues for comfort and stability are brought from the past incarnation, any changes become a reason for suffering and worries. You will have to give up any attachment to material things and not worry about losses.

The main thing is to study psychology, esoteric sciences, develop spiritually, and in financial matters, do not be afraid to take risks and trust your intuition, especially if the Ascending Node in Scorpio is in the 8th house and is complemented by positive aspects.

Development in any area goes through overcoming the crisis. It is important for the native to get rid of sexual complexes, but not to get carried away by people with dark heavy energy and criminal inclinations.

Great success awaits researchers of the human psyche, who demonstrate to the world their discoveries in creativity: literature, music, cinema.

How to perform karmic tasks with the Ascending Node in Scorpio, Descending in Taurus

The only useful quality that came from Taurus and picked up by Scorpio is sensuality. In the native, it is aggravated and helps to enjoy life and read information from subtle planes, impulsively understand the intentions of unfamiliar people.

By clinging to a comfort zone, a person harms himself and closes himself off from many opportunities to improve the quality of life. It must be admitted that the transition to a new stage of development and success goes through fear and crisis. You need to allow yourself to burn out in stress in order to be reborn stronger and more confident.

To begin with, learn to share your best practices, knowledge, experience with people, and then let the money work for you, invest instead of savings in the old fashioned way.

It is important to find your true path, even if it goes against the values recognized in the family.

Celebrities with the Ascending Node in Scorpio: Richard Bach, Michel Pfeiffer, J. Bruno, N. Copernicus.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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