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Ascending node in Sagittarius – Descending in Gemini. hero’s path

The North Node of Rahu is called the Rising Node because it indicates the goals, character traits and talents that need to be developed, moving to a new peak in life. You need to choose it from the areas of activity of the house, where there is a symbol of karmic tasks. The South Node of Ketu is Descending, since this path has already been passed, but it is important to learn the necessary lessons and skills that will be useful in a new incarnation.

If the karmic axis starts in Gemini and leads to Sagittarius, a person needs to stop being an eternal student, for whom communication is like a drug, and life is a series of different courses, parties, telephone conversations without deep relationships and responsibility. The purpose of this incarnation is to allow yourself to become a teacher, a status and authoritative person who receives not only applause, but also money for his knowledge.

Past Lives at the Descending Node in Gemini

The Gemini program is most often played through activity, frivolity, carelessness, the ability to quickly adapt to any interlocutor and even adopt his point of view. According to Ketu in Gemini, a person is always led. In past incarnations, he listened with an open mouth to the great guru and did not dare to start his own teaching practice, believing that his knowledge was too scattered and superficial.

He could be a journalist, a wandering pilgrim, a writer, a storyteller, a merchant or even a court jester, and also work in the field of information and communications, but not take on much responsibility. He was not even attracted by high earnings, if it limited freedom, so most often he was not the owner of a title or high social status.

At the same time, this means a dual position, when a person seems to be a superficial humorist, and in the depths of his soul – a serious erudite person. In an effort to please everyone and everything, the native lost his ego and did not accept well-deserved honors, preferring to roam the world in search of another bird of happiness.

Developments and dangers with the Descending Node in Gemini

It is difficult for a native to quickly rebuild from the program of past incarnations that has taken root in the head. This is a habit of prying into other people’s affairs, chatting, procrastinating before starting serious and large-scale cases, and most importantly, a manner of hiding behind authorities in the course of discussions.

The owner of the Ascending Node in Sagittarius should strive to become an influential expert in his field in order to be able to refer to his own developments and achievements, but not to hide superficiality behind big names and quotations.

From the South Node in Gemini, you need to take the freshness of the worldview, the thirst for knowledge, the ability to perceive and systematize a large amount of information and easily get to know the right people. The ascent of Sagittarius is impossible without the patronage of influential people, so the Mercurial ability to win over and charm will be very useful. However, here lies the danger of growing too firmly into the role of a pawn, which one has to play at first in order to become one’s own in the desired social circle.

Destiny at the Ascending Node in Sagittarius

Following the twin program, the native almost always tries himself in different areas of activity. Sometimes these are directly opposite areas, but most often he is inspired by the desire to become famous or become a significant person.

However, this will only work if you focus on one, or at least two niches. But it is better to get a profession of a broad humanitarian profile. A person realizes the true destiny at the age of 28-30 years and, as a rule, a spiritual teacher points him to it. In this role, there can be not only enlightened persons, but any representative of the role model. Meeting an idol or celebrity with similar inner values also becomes a starting point for choosing a path that will bring fame and success.

In general, the calling of the native is to be an example of knowledge embodied in practice. If he teaches positive thinking, then he himself must think like that and show the material fruits of his convictions, if he is a teacher of a foreign language, then he himself must speak it perfectly, have scientific degrees and titles. The owners of Rahu in Sagittarius are perfectly realized as politicians, producers, lawyers, tourism workers and diplomatic missions.

How to perform the karmic tasks of the Ascending Node in Sagittarius

The native needs to study at a prestigious university, from his youth to join the desired social circle and acquire friends and patrons. However, in order to reach the highest mission of the North Node in Sagittarius, he will have to free himself from the lower properties of the Ketu program in Gemini: gossip, frivolity, irresponsibility.

We must try to be a mentor and patron for someone, develop vertically, and not linearly, that is, immediately put into practice the knowledge gained and consolidate it by obtaining a new position, an award from the public.

Sagittarius is always about courage, nobility and justice. If Lilith is in Gemini, then perhaps in a past life a person manipulated information, lied a lot for the sake of a red word or personal gain. Now we need to learn to live in truth and conscience.

In times of stagnation and despair, travel will save. Any collisions with other religions and cultures will help the native to go beyond the boundaries of his mind and break away from the program of the Descending Node.

Celebrities with Rahu in Sagittarius: Napoleon Bonaparte, Catherine II, P. Picasso.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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