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Ascending Node in Aquarius – Descending Node in Leo. The path of the revolutionary

There are two paths before each person: one is seemingly simple, where everything is easy, but at the same time it seems as if it has all happened before, and the problems that arise seem to be a vicious circle from which there is no way out. This is a way of life according to the Descending (South) karmic node . There is another way: complex, multitasking, where everything is for the first time and much causes fear. However, overcoming each step brings reward and freedom. This is indicated by the Ascending (North) Node.

If he is in Aquarius, then the person already has rich experience in the bright life of a leader, artistic abilities and a thirst to be in the spotlight. On the one hand, the Leo program on the high floor of this sign can be very useful for the fulfillment of the tasks of Uranus, where creativity and courage are beneficial to all mankind, if only the native can abstract from the image of the Sun King, that is, from egocentrism.

Descending Node in Leo and Past Incarnations

In most cases, a person in his previous life held a high position or was a popular creative person. He retained the habits of a privileged person: to wait for admiration, having done nothing yet, to get all the best first, as well as the need to create his own retinue, which includes people who are attractive to the native, but not necessarily good in character.

In a past incarnation, this person ruled a state or a small clan, was a famous politician or teacher, singer or musician, if there are additional aspects with Venus and the Moon, but in any case he was admired. However, he was deprived of simple joys, became a hostage to his brilliant image and fame, perhaps he secretly dreamed of just walking and traveling without obsessive fans and bodyguards.

If the owner of the Descending Node in Leo has achieved success on the path of power, wealth and success, then in this life he is expected to teach others the freedom of expression and bring innovative trends to art. It will not be possible to complete a new karmic task without giving up vanity, pride and an overestimated sense of self-importance. The feeling that others should admire you is just an echo of the past.

Developments and dangers of the Descending Node in Leo, Ascending in Aquarius

Men and women with this karmic axis of nodes are cheerful, attractive and creative individuals. This attracts crowds of fans and those who want to bask in the warmth of their optimism, despite the fact that it is very superficial, and with close communication it turns out that a person dreams of conquering the world, and takes any sympathy for granted. The certainty that one was not born just like that, but arrived on earth with a great mission from the planet Alpha Centauri, on the one hand, helps to achieve any significant goal, on the other hand, it is too easy to follow the path of the Descending Node in Leo again, suppress competitors and become a star, and then suffer from loneliness in a crowd of hangers-on and from a lack of freedom.

Choosing your destination and ways to achieve it, it is very easy to make a mistake, because both signs are creative and courageous, however, Leo loves stability and quickly settles on a comfortable throne, afraid of losing his authority, and for Aquarius the palace is a prisoner, he is not afraid of change, he is looking for new forms and ways of self-expression, and is not tied to material goods.

Ketu in Leo gave the native excellent organizational skills and leadership, not for self-aggrandizement, but to gather around an environment of like-minded people and create something great together. This will help creativity, independence, erudition and the desire to revolutionize outdated views in science, literature, film and television, astrology, radio and electronics. However, if a person does this alone, his plans will fail. He will be fired, harassed, even ridiculed at his ideas, until he puts together a powerful team of leaders moving towards the same goal.

Karmic tasks of the Ascending Node in Aquarius

It is important to be yourself contrary to other people’s rules and requirements, but also to give others freedom of expression, which is impossible at the level of the Leo program. The second goal of this incarnation is to make revolutionary discoveries in the chosen professional field, to come up with something new that did not exist before.

If the work of Leo must be signed and patented, then it is important for Aquarius that it belongs to the people, and it does not matter if he himself becomes famous or not.

An interesting point: if a native humiliates competitors, and for the sake of his promotion does not allow someone to fulfill a dream, denigrates someone else’s products, then at the age of 35-37 his own career will go to waste, and desires will be fulfilled in the opposite direction, to the detriment of him.

His task is to give people wings, inspiring by example.

How to perform the karmic tasks of the Ascending Node in Aquarius

The ego of the native is very vulnerable to criticism from the inhabitants, and if his ideas are ridiculed, he can close himself off from the world or choose the aggressive policy of Leo, including the destruction of the enemy. In fact, you need to allow yourself to fulfill your wildest dreams in spite of the haters and think about how to make the world a little better in any way possible.

If a new activity causes fear, the owner of the Ascending Node in Aquarius just needs to imagine that he is already a professional both in work and in creative passion and confidence will come.

Celebrities with this axis of nodes: F. Dostoevsky, A. Einstein, P. Tchaikovsky, A. Chekhov.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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