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Ascending Node in Leo – Descending Node in Aquarius. Path of the motivator

The programs of the Ascending (North) and Descending (South) karmic nodes are closely related. They are also called Rahu and Ketu. They show the vector of development. It is immediately clear what needs to be rejected, taking only positive developments from a past life according to Ketu, and with all our might strive to live according to the position of Rahu, choosing both our mission and professional activity.

The owners of the Ascending Node in Leo came to this world to demonstrate a bright individuality and outstanding creativity, but in order not to gain new sins in this life, they need to rely on the support of the team, help other people realize their creative abilities by personal example and talent. The problem is that the native does not know how to rely on his environment and either opposes it, or, out of habit, dissolves in the general mass.

Past Life with Descending Node in Aquarius

In a previous incarnation, a person did not have the opportunity to realize their creative ideas on their own. He generated interesting bright ideas, but they were carried out by a group of people, and he was mostly behind the scenes.

The second option is a free adventurer, not tied to anyone or anything, traveling the world and only using his talent as needed. The native had no desire to stand out and draw attention to himself, but now it is simply necessary, because in the past a lot of knowledge and understanding of the world order has been accumulated, therefore, due to this unique uniqueness, leadership is easy, although the support of loved ones is required out of habit.

Most owners of the North Node in Leo, even if born in poverty, easily acquire wealth if it is necessary to achieve high Uranian goals. In a past life, a negative attitude towards private property could be accumulated, especially if the native was a fiery revolutionary, and then this is reflected in the tense aspects of the Sun and Jupiter.

Developments and dangers of the Ascending node in Leo, Descending in Aquarius

A karmic backpack on your back will greatly complicate life if you do not take from it the positive skills of the past incarnation. The peculiarity of Rahu in Leo is that a person needs not only to lead, but to take into account the interests of the support group. This is exactly where the experience of Ketu in Aquarius is very useful. For example, if the owner of the horoscope is the lead singer of a musical group, he will have to help all members of the team grow and develop together, and not revel in his genius, breaking all the bonuses.

Having chosen the path of a teacher at a school or a children’s center of creativity, you need to become a guiding star, reveal both the talents of the child and colleagues, arranging competitions or sending them to advanced training courses.

The main problems of the Descending Node in Aquarius:

  • impulsiveness, arrogance, frivolity, thoughtlessness of actions;
  • disrespectful attitude to social rules and conventions;
  • rejection of private property, including copyrights, they easily give their creative work to friends;
  • stubbornness, unwillingness to change something in your life, to take on obligations.

With the Ascending Node in Leo, it is very important to kindle your Sun. If a person does not fulfill his task as a leader and creator, those around him begin to hurt him with negative comments and attitudes. He is considered lazy Oblomov, although they cannot even explain exactly why he is so annoying. This is due to the intuitive reading of blocked solar energy.

Karmic tasks of the Ascending Node in Leo

The native came to this world in order to finally find friends and, together with them, put into practice the high Aquarian ideas of brotherhood, equality and justice. Without forgetting about them, you need to become a magnificent example of a noble ruler who cares about his subjects both in the family and in the profession.

In any case, first of all, you need to recruit supporters and further develop your abilities with their support. If there is a sextile or trine of the Sun with Uranus, it is this talent that will become the key to fame and success.

How to perform the tasks of the Ascending Node in Leo, Descending in Aquarius

The native needs to strike a balance between healthy egoism and service to people. It is important to love yourself, to understand the weight of your own authority and opinion, not to react emotionally to criticism, but to take constructive suggestions from it.

For the correct development of the North Node in Leo, a person needs:

  • recognize money as the key to freedom and self-expression, so one should not oversave or deny wealth out of false nobility;
  • make friends in various walks of life, because it is thanks to connections that Rahu in Leo is actively promoted;
  • define your mission or main goal in life, which would inspire you for exploits;
  • always act out of considerations of justice and objectivity, and not impulsiveness.

The native needs to find the maximum of unique character traits and bet on them, taking into account the choice of style according to the Ascendant. The more he stands out from the crowd, while remaining true to himself, the faster the glory will come. Popularity cannot be used only for the benefit of oneself, one must take care of those who were nearby and supported, however, one should not bow at their feet either.

It’s good to play with children, have fun by turning off your work phone after a fully worked everyday life and indulge yourself with pleasant shopping.

Celebrities with the Rising Node in Leo: R. Wagner, G. Verdi.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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