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Jupiter in the 10th house of the relocation chart

A person always moves for a dream. In rare cases, unforeseen circumstances force this, but even then he hopes for the best. Desires are difficult to fulfill without the support of Jupiter , the planet of great happiness and wealth. By following which house of the horoscope of the move he moves, you can determine where he will be lucky under the condition of a good aspect, because Jupiter tends to expand everything that it affects.

Getting into the 10th house of the relocation map, he gives many chances to rise above the previous social circle. Whether the native becomes a big boss depends on his personal choice, but what will occupy a privileged position, magically jumping several flights of the social ladder at once, is undoubted. For a woman, this position of Jupiter promises a very profitable marriage and an increase in status due to this. However, the presence of squares and oppositions slows down the process of moving up, various envious people and competitors constantly interfere in it.

Features of the transition of Jupiter to the 10th house of the relocation chart

Since Jupiter is a social planet, the speed of change depends on the individual’s personal activity. You should not think that immediately after the move they will offer to become a big boss, although this is possible with certain transits, and also if the native boldly comes to an appointment with a high-ranking person, presents himself in the best light as a person and the benefits that he can bring. In all this there is that very Jupiterian energy of the 10th house, which responds with the necessary events.

However, you still have to act according to the plan, in order not to wait for many years for a successful event, but it is also important to see the connection between the position of Jupiter in natal and the local 10th sector. The tops of the houses move both clockwise and counterclockwise, depending on the direction of the move, so most often the planet moves from the 8th, 9th, 11th, 12th sectors closest to the 10th.

The movement from the 8th house hints that the ability to take risks, work with large financial flows, manage them and subordinates, will be the main benefit for becoming a leader when it comes to a career. In addition, the native will succeed in esotericism or simply enter the circle of influential rich people.

The transition of Jupiter from the 9th house of natal to the 10th suggests that the native will easily head any international department and enter the society of influential foreigners or people with a slightly different mentality, but he will clearly like it. As a boss, he will be able to quickly gain popularity if he behaves democratically, on an equal footing with his subordinates.

The movement of Jupiter from the 11th house to the 10th gives a large enough supply of luck to gain fame in wide circles. It depends on the person himself whether it will be world fame or a good reputation as an expert in narrow circles, but it is important to create your own retinue, a support group that will always help and do most of the work for the native.

The transition from the 12th house to the 10th brings a person out of the shadows, which will give a certain confidence in himself and his knowledge, which the owner of Jupiter in the last house of the horoscope cannot boast of.

This is a great chance to become famous for musicians, actors, artists, poets, psychologists. Any secret projects along the line of that house ruled by Jupiter will now come to the fore and the native will be able to lead these directions.

Jupiter in 10th house relocation and career charts

Of course, Jupiter himself as a big boss, being in the 10th house, the highest point of the horoscope, brings great luck in obtaining a high status and leadership position, but only to those who really need brilliant peaks.

A conditional deputy general director will get a chance to become the head of the company, and if the native is a novice employee, of course, it is difficult to expect an instant take-off. However, this is quite possible in creative areas, especially if Jupiter rules the 5th house, and a person can simply win some kind of competition or pass a casting, or we are talking about the legal field, where a novice lawyer wins a high-profile case. Such cases happen.

However, most often the cardholder is simply constantly lucky and is constantly being promoted in the field of his activity, and so, gradually, he grows up. To speed up the process, you need to relentlessly learn to acquire new skills. Then life will definitely find a way to give the native a high position in society, and, accordingly, the material benefits that he dreams of.

The negative influence of Jupiter in the 10th house of the relocation chart

With good indicators, the planet gives everything that a person dreams of: status, career, money, and even a successful marriage, wholly approved by society.

However, it is worth paying attention to the negative aspects, the square and the opposition, which make it very difficult to receive these benefits. At the same time, marriage with a rich man is not excluded, only the husband can turn out to be a tyrant and despot, the boss will not be a generous patron, but a selfish miser, and the path to glory will turn out to be thorny with endless litigation and intrigues of competitors.

Much depends on the requests of the native himself, how important it is for him to be a leader or an executor, since in the presence of negative aspects it is better to choose secondary roles. If glory is at the forefront, then you need to prepare for the trials of fate.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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