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Jupiter in the 2nd house of the relocation chart

The moving map will immediately show what opportunities a person will have for the implementation of natal tasks, where the acceleration will go or vice versa: the inhibition of the desired processes, and most importantly, allows you to evaluate the overall picture as a whole. To do this, you need to know the basic symbolism of the planets in signs, their aspects and additional local meanings. Jupiter continues to be a concentrate of luck and financial luck, but in the horoscope of moving, its function of expansion becomes paramount. All areas of the new sector are becoming more important than others.

Jupiter in the 2nd house of the relocation chart increases internal resources, the need to have a lot of money and expensive things, and therefore this desire is a magnet for the arrival of new ways of earning money, as well as getting an education in order to increase your income. In the case of negative aspects, the native will stumble upon obstacles and either this will incite him to new achievements, or knock out support from under his feet.

Features of the transition of Jupiter to the 2nd house of the relocation chart

Jupiter in the 2nd house of the relocation chart increases the native’s chances of high earnings and increases luck when buying or renting property, especially if there are connections with the 4th house through rulers or aspects. In this case, it is always necessary to track the position of the planet in natal and how it ends up in the 2nd sector.

If the movement goes counterclockwise, then expansion and enrichment occurs through the renewal of all resources, a change in worldview, a new education or advanced training. Personal growth is essential.

The displacement of Jupiter clockwise, on the contrary, symbolically refers a person at the time of his formation in terms of career and study, he remembers what he dreamed about, where he aspired to. He has a desire to realize precisely these aspirations already from the position of real experience.

Most often, the planet of great happiness moves into the 2nd house of the relocation map from 1, 12 and 3, 4 houses, which also imposes its meaning on events.

If the transition from the 1st natal to the 2nd locational, then the native in this place wants to realize all his material desires. He will throw all his strength into buying expensive things, arranging his life, and without this he will simply feel like a loser, so he will dig the ground with his nose, but will provide himself with a high level of income.

The transition of Jupiter to the 2nd house of the relocation map out of 12 will allow you to earn money through the implementation of your artistic and esoteric talents. This is a great place to live for doctors, musicians, writers, artists, artists, psychologists, photographers. Here they can not only create, but also earn. In the presence of negative aspects, the number of enemies and envious people will increase.

Moving Jupiter to the 2nd house of the horoscope of moving from the 3rd location contributes to the influx of useful connections, friends, and the necessary information always comes to increase income and keep yourself in great shape. For example, a neighbor will tell you about huge discounts at a fitness club, or a sister will give a certificate for the desired education.

If the planet of luck comes from the 4th house, then most likely the native will not have to worry about where to live. Phenomenal luck in the field of real estate turns on: for a penny you can rent a luxurious apartment, or the conditions are even better than a person dreamed of. It’s also a realtor’s paradise – sales will skyrocket.

However, we must not forget that the negative aspects bring many obstacles and strife to all the above areas.

Jupiter in 2nd house relocation charts and finances

If the profession of a native does not bring the money that can be used to buy prestigious items, accessories, jewelry, as well as visit expensive beauty salons and fitness clubs, it is highly likely that he will move to another field of activity. Money and the opportunities it gives are moving into the category of priorities. However, this happens in parallel with the realization of one’s significance for the world, an increase in internal energy and a desire to realize talents.

The native will definitely be lucky in working with foreigners, representatives of the elite circles and the education sector. If the work is in sales, it must be large-scale, if the launch of courses is for a million audience.

At the same time, a person spends easily and enjoys shopping, he does not save, but rather invests in growth in order to get even more profit later. Money comes from knowledge and private property.

Jupiter in the 2nd house of the relocation chart – negative influence

At a low level of development and in the presence of negative aspects, the range of problems or internal complexes expands. In any case, the level of energy increases, but if a person does not understand how to spend it, does not develop and does not set himself global inspiring goals, the following happens:

  • excess weight is steadily growing, and no matter how the native restricts himself, it is impossible to lose it – this is a reflection of an internal unfulfilled need to be important;
  • snobbery grows: at the expense of the weaker there are attempts of self-assertion and dominance;
  • intoxication with power, even if it is scanty, sabotage at work, intrigues, denunciations;
  • obsession with sensual pleasures: food, sex, shopping, smoking, alcohol and spending all available funds on it;
  • procrastination, the desire to do nothing, but to get big money.

The worst thing is when such a person is sure that he already knows everything and there is nothing more to learn. This is the beginning of the downfall, as Jupiter in the 2nd house is aimed precisely at the growth of knowledge.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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