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Jupiter in the 5th house of the relocation chart

The relocation card is considered additional to the natal one and shows how much a person’s life will change after moving to a new place of residence. The further it is from the old, the more changes await the native, and although his character traits remain the same, he will have to act in previously unfamiliar circumstances. Sometimes this is beneficial, but sometimes it becomes a fall into obscurity, which cannot be said about the incredible luck – the transition of Jupiter to the 5th house of the relocation chart.

Here the planet acts as an expander of opportunities, luck, financial success and manifestation. It includes the joy of life, as if the child was in a free toy store, each attracts and attracts. However, whether he will get what he wants easily or will have to make a lot of effort, the strength of the planet and its aspects will show. Sometimes money spending also increases, there is a dependence on pleasures.

Features of the transition of Jupiter to the 5th house of the relocation chart

Jupiter is a symbol of wealth and prosperity, but it also acts as a kind of magnifying glass that highlights the problem areas of the house where it ended up. Therefore, it cannot be said unequivocally that his entry into the 5th house is the beginning of a white streak, although if the planet is aspected by positive aspects, it will most likely be so. In addition, the new position does not cancel the energy of luck in the sector where Jupiter is in natal.

The fifth house originally represents the sphere of pleasure, joy, love and the state of a free child playing in the Garden of Eden. This is a man-creator, able to create the world he desires. However, the specific impact on the life of the native depends on the house from which Jupiter came.

Most often, he moves from the nearest 3, 4 and 6, 7 sectors, but different options are possible.

The transition of Jupiter from the 3rd natal house to the 5th location expands the circle of romantic acquaintances and can also be a sign of the transition of the native to work in a large corporation, helps to become a popular expert through word of mouth, attract more customers, increase sales.

The movement of the planet from the 4th house to the 5th allows you to meet your love or future sponsor of the business that is perceived by the native as a hobby, right on the doorstep of your home. Passionate feelings flare up for a spouse, I want to give birth to a child, make a chic renovation in an apartment or at least in a children’s room.

The transition of Jupiter from the 6th house of relocation to the 5th helps to realize what a person would like to do not out of a sense of duty, but out of love. He treats things at work easily, without undue worries, he can be promoted simply out of sympathy, magically, or made the right hand of the boss. It is good to have a pet of a prestigious breed during this period.

If the planet comes from the 7th house, then even a business partnership will look like a love union. The number of clients is growing, the native is becoming popular in the professional field, love and mutual understanding reign in the family. However, negative Jupiter here contributes to an increase in enemies and envious people.

Jupiter in 5th house relocation and glory charts

If the planet is in a fire, water or air sign, then the owner of the card will definitely think about promoting his business and himself as a personal brand. Earthly Jupiter needs financial income and reputation in society more than fame, so he will soon develop in this direction.

Consciously or not, a person is looking for an influential social circle in which one could show oneself in the best possible way and make useful contacts. There is a growing desire to attend social events, cultural events, both for the elite and for the masses. The owner of the card will not sit at home for sure.

Good luck and really useful contacts will be brought by visiting sports and entertainment events, as well as open court hearings, however, another temptation appears: the native is drawn to the casino and any places associated with gambling, for example, the hippodrome. There is a danger of serious addiction, especially if Jupiter is afflicted with negative aspects.

Jupiter in 5th house relocation charts and children

One of the meanings of this situation is an increase in the family, that is, those who dream of replenishment can count on the fulfillment of a dream. This is especially vividly played out in the life of a woman, but for a married man, Jupiter in the 5th house of the relocation card often means the appearance of a child on the side, including if he did not plan his own.

In the case of negative aspects, one must remember that Jupiter expands their influence. Conception may not occur immediately, and you may have to undergo additional medical examinations.

In general, the native becomes generous and kind to the children he has. He enjoys when he arranges surprises and gives the child something rare and expensive, and also attends theatrical performances with him.

The negative influence of Jupiter in the 5th house of the relocation chart

At a low level of development, a person has an irresistible thirst for pleasure, he spends all his money on entertainment and various purchases that could not be made. Such Jupiterian energy provokes egocentrism, vanity, the desire to subordinate children and a loved one to their will. The native does not think about others, only he himself exists for him, and all actions are performed by him for reasons of personal benefit and pleasure.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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