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Aquarius stones

The duration of the eleventh, penultimate, zodiac sign is from January 21 to February 19. Previously, Saturn was considered its ruler planet . Modern astrologers say they patronize Aquarius Uranus . The natural element of the sign is Air.

Aquarians are contemplators by nature. They do not seek to change life, move it forward – they prefer to observe the picture of the world from the outside. Money and sex play a secondary role for them. In the foreground – spirituality, interesting communication, profession. Representatives of the sign are alien to concepts such as envy and hatred. Aquarians are loyal friends. But they are in no hurry to start a family – they value their personal freedom too much. But, having entered into marriage, as a rule, they maintain marital fidelity all their lives.

The weak point of the sign is the lack of foresight. Gullibility, bordering on naivety, can seriously complicate the life of an Aquarius. Many individuals tend to get carried away with pipe dreams. Talking about their grandiose plans for the future, they do nothing to implement them.

The correct selection of talisman stones will not only attract happiness and success, but also help smooth out the contradictions of nature, the influence of dark energies. The collection of Aquarius amulets is very diverse. For the sign that represents the peak of winter, transparent, shimmering gems, similar to ice crystals or the northern lights, are beneficial. Thanks to the patronage of Uranus, it is also protected by gloomy minerals that are dangerous to others.

In people of the eleventh sign, angelic and demonic traits are always fighting. To enhance the light beginning, they are recommended to supplement the set of amulets with stones of a different plan – bright, warm.

Astrologers advise Aquarius to choose 3 cold and 5 warm stones in accordance with the horoscope.
Aquarius stones

The main stones are talismans of Aquarius


This blue beryl specimen is a symbol of the friendship that Aquarius values ​​so much. Aquamarine has an unusually strong bond with its owner. Sensitively reacting to all the sorrows and ailments of a person, he relieves stress, streamlines thoughts, protects the gullible individual from deception.


The magic of stone transforms the inner world of a person for the better. Like aquamarine, it gives Aquarius insight. To achieve success in any activity, the representatives of the sign often lack dedication, the ability to concentrate. Amethyst directs their energy in the right direction. The gem has outstanding healing properties – it cures insomnia, normalizes cerebral circulation.


Translated from the ancient Persian language, this name means “stone of happiness.” The mineral is associated with victory, the successful achievement of a goal. Aquarians often need money. Turquoise attracts material well-being into their lives. Thanks to this gem, you can find out in time a hidden ailment. The bright color of the stone fades at the first symptoms of the disease.


The coldness of Aquarius is an obstacle on the path to happy love. “Stone of Passion” awakens sexual temperament and ignites the soul. Other than that, pomegranate is beneficial for boosting self-esteem. It makes childbirth easier for women.

Blue sapphire

Many Aquarians dream of achieving public recognition. In this case, they need a sapphire jewelry . The “Stone of the Wise Men” will show the owner his real purpose in life, give stamina and courage, and sharpen his intuition.


This gem develops talents, memory, craving for knowledge, and brings inspiration to creative individuals. Zircon also instills confidence and optimism in a person, charges with positive energy. A zircon pendant will help a single woman find a life partner.
Aquarius stones

The choice of amulets stones by the date of the horoscope for Aquarius

January 21 – January 30

In the first decade, charming romantics are born. Their Achilles' heel is shyness, indecision, melancholy. Stones with strong energy have a beneficial effect on these people:

pearls (white, golden), jade (white, light green), obsidian (brown-black).

January 31 – February 9

Representatives of the second decade are endowed with a brilliant mind and a sense of humor. To achieve respect and recognition is their cherished dream. The following talismans will help them in its implementation:

  • lapis lazuli – the personification of success
  • chrysoprase – a symbol of new beginnings
  • amber is a source of creativity and optimism

February 10 – February 19

These individuals are characterized by excessive daydreaming and emotionality, hidden under the guise of external tranquility. These qualities can interfere with successful self-realization. Aquarians of the third decade need stones that can push them to action:

  • colorless and blue topaz “medicine” against unexplained fears
  • gray, blue agate protector against energy vampires
  • chrysolite – a talisman against disappointment

Additional Aquarius stones:

Unfavorable stones for Aquarius

Aquarius has few enemies among the stones. These include minerals with fiery energy. Although the opinion of modern Astrologers disagrees about unsuitable stones and some, on the contrary, advise choosing stones, not according to the Sun sign, but according to a weak planet in the natal chart . A list of stones to which Aquarius should take a closer look.

Before buying jewelry with gems, experts recommend holding it in your hands and analyzing your own feelings. The choice should be made only in favor of the stones you like.

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